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Sunday, June 29, 2014

This is why we formed the III Percent Society

Virginia Hall being awarded
the Distinguished Service Cross
in 1945 by Bill Donovan.
If you have never heard of Ms. Hall, take enough time to read her wiki page, if nothing else.

She had a limp because she lost a leg - so she was rejected from formal WWII military service.

She became more than a spy, she became as much commando.  She crossed the Alps on that wooden leg to escape France when Hitler rolled in - then she smuggled herself back in-country, because there was more work to do.

This is why we formed the III Percent Society.  So that when we meet Virginia Hall, Bill Donovan, and others in our fight for Liberty, we will have more than a shrug to offer them when they offer to help us.  So I will ask bluntly: Please sign up for the III Percent Society.  The links are on the right sidebar.  Without your help, we'll never be able to truly support heroic people doing heroic work.

Here's Ms. Hall's wiki.

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  1. It might be kinda cool to have a medal to pin on those who have really gone above and beyond, to the point of real personal sacrifice, in their defense of Rightful Liberty. That would be so much greater an honor than being awarded any medal- paid for by coercive "taxation"- by the thugs and thieves of The State.

    I know those who would truly earn such an honor wouldn't do it for the medal, but because it's just the right thing to do- and when good people are presented with that choice, they really have no choice. Still, it might be nice to have a tangible way to acknowledge such people and their sacrifices with the Medal of Rightful Liberty (or whatever it could be called).


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