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Sunday, June 29, 2014


One of the first and most visible "First Impressions" for the media and the public regarding the III Percent Society will be, of course, the TOC.  When it is ready to roll there will be press releases, it will be captured on film at hotspots, our TOC Staff will be seen doing their TOC Staff thing.

So, it is important the TOC makes one heck of a first impression visually, and it is imperative that the capabilities of the TOC be equally as impressive.  It must scream "CAPABLE and SERIOUS" to everyone who lays eyes upon it.

And it MUST live up to that role.  It must be able to hand out tactical comms, it must be able to transmit audio, video and interviews to our web teams and select allies, even under hostile conditions.  The TOC must only be deployed with a finite mission and a definite exit strategy, and the ability to claim "Mission Accomplished" on our way out of the AO.

The TOC Staff must look and behave professionally.  They must radiate natural poise, calm, experience, and potential.  The TOC will fly the III Flag, it will have the III Percent Society logo prominently on display.

Please visit the TOC page, if you can make a gear donation, there is a PO Box address listed. 

If you can make a cash donation, there is a button.

If you join the III Percent Society, even better.

The TOC will be deploying III Patriots across the republic to satisfy our Primary and Secondary missions.  It will help explain who we are, what we are, our beliefs, our courage.

We are III.



  1. I may never get to the III Citadel... I may not have the means to ever attend a III PatCon in the Redoubt... I have no doubt of the existence of either... being a part of an L.S.T. assigned to the T.O.C. is more than a personal goal... it's participation in a piece of history being written... a piece of history that needs to be written but not for my sake but for the sake of those to whom I and this generation leave the history to...

    "Mom, what did Papa do when the trouble started?"

    We'll each of us provide the answers for questions like that through our actions now - the trouble has already started...

    1. This is one of the key reasons we so desperately need members in the new III Percent Society. We need the ability to have the TOC drive to a Hot Spot -- say Arizona -- and have the resources to allow a special Team get on planes all over the country to meet on the X so we can go to work.

      For you wonderful men in the Chaplain Corps, please try to get your churches involved. Even if they can offer no more than a place for our Patriots to sleep in a storage room, that helps. Donations to get the III Chaplain Corps on-scene wherever we III Patriots must deploy is an imperative.

    2. We do what we can and when deployed can interface with churches on-scene. Working on the donations angle.
      Remember, we Chaplains are not involved for personal glory, we are called to this by our deep belief in God, His will and our deep love for America, a Christian nation as envisioned and understood by our founders and framers. Many of the organized 'churches' are against us as they are infected by greed, envy and the spirit of weakness. I am isolated in my rebellion against a greedy and unfaithful hierarchy so I have not a defined 'church', rather, I am a Christian Priest of the Orthodox tradition. I have broken with those who seek personal glory and worldly dominance over others. I will eventually found an American Independent Orthodox Church based on the Orthodox tradition of national churches (as based on the biblical churches in the time of the Apostles).
      Until them, we operate as individual actors, the 'voices in the wilderness' calling for our deluded and fallen brethren to return to the path of righteousness. Be hot or cold not lukewarm, for the lukewarm the Lord shall spew from his mouth.
      WE are the church, the totality of believers, not organizations that expect strict obedience without accountability. WE are the III, the totality of believers in Rightful Liberty as endowed by our Creator, God.
      One of the many reasons I appreciate the structure of III Percent Society for America. Member driven and accountable to the members not the reverse.
      Let God bless our endeavors.

      Paul L.
      III Chaplain Corps
      Animabus nostris sacrum honorem nos fortunis

  2. I don't ever want reside in the II citadel. It is located in a cold and shitty envion, and led by a guy that can not recognize an opportunity served up on a shit filled plate.

    Let us be clear, I have no special skills. No special gear, and only about 25 jumps,

    Lead. or Fuck off.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated. This is an excellent reminder that divisiveness is alive and well, Anon.

      We are hosting an Idaho Patcon in early August -- when the weather should be to your liking. You are welcome to join us. Meet us face-to-face. Maybe have an actual conversation. It is certainly your right to continue to hate us afterward. Sometimes "hate" defines the human being into which one has evolved.

      Kind regards!

    2. Ironically enough, St. Marie's, Idaho was warmer than much of the Midwest and East cost this last winter, especially during those polar vortex blasts that they got.

    3. I'm looking foward to meeting you guys;)

  3. the TOC should be deployed here in my opinion......


    1. I'm likely to hit one of those checkpoints on my way to and from my cousin's house on the 4th. I'll let you know if anything "interesting" happens.

  4. Hi Bill:

    K is off line today. I am moderating comments. Just read the link. The 4th is only days away. (And, the TOC still needs to be outfitted for deployment.) However, III Patriots in that AO certainly can send pictures & video from the scene.

    Send to: Kerodin@Kerodin.com for uploading to this and other blogs.

    Thanks for sending link.


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