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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kill 'em dead...

There is a technique I teach in my CQB: Fight to Your Weapon class that I call the "reverse guillotine."

I never let my students practice the technique; it is too easy to break the other person's neck. I merely show the technique using H as my partner.

The movie Non-Stop is on with Liam Neeson.  The wife and I are winding down for the evening.  At minute 29 you see "that" technique in action, very well demonstrated, very realistic.  Liam Neeson's character must use it to defend himself.  You will notice he is in absolute control.  He allows the bad guy to actually pick up his gun and start moving the muzzle -- that's how "in control" Neeson's character is in such a position.

Watch it.

If you practice it, do so GENTLY.  As I always say to my students: "Some mistakes you get to make only once."

It is easy to get your enemy there.  It is easy to break his neck.  He dies silently.  Don't ask me how I know.

I'll be offline tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Kerodin,


    This is in regards to border issue that had 22 comments back a few post's. I wanted to post my comment here because it may get lost in the mix.
    I live in South Texas (a good distance from the border) In a week depending on what is going on (how bad things are) I may attempt to borrow a good digital camera and head down to McAllen/Brownsville and or some other spots, and scope out what is going. I will then take pic's which then will be sent to you.
    This is going to cost me at least $150 in fuel (or more) and put my life at risk by even being down there. I will only go with my sidearm (concealed in my vehicle) as per state law. The part I hate the most is the Border Patrol checkpoints. Yeah I don't give them and attitude and I just want to pass unmolested and with out any hassle.
    If there are any patriots down there already and can take pictures, I will help them out with gas money if they need it.
    On a side note, I have heard that the several different militia's are heading to the border (fully armed) and I don't think that's going to do any good. Getting video and photo's about illegal aliens breaking laws can be great negative publicity and can work wonders at influencing public opinion.

    Kerodin, Please pardon my not staying on topic on the subject matter of this post. There is a lot happening behind the scenes down here and it could spiral way out of control if fully armed militia's don't exercise extreme discipline in there ranks.

    1. Captain Crunch,

      K is off line today. This is the "other" Kerodin moderating comments on his behalf. Any photos or video you are able to capture will be shared with wrsa and other blogs for dissemination. Stay safe, sir.

      If you are able to determine -- from a credible source(s) -- which militia units are planning to head to the border fully armed, please send K an email at kerodin@kerodin.com.

  2. I don't get it, cc. Do you really think the problem is from lack of information? I'm sure there's plenty we don't know, but there seems to be more than enough that we do. We've got pics of the masses coming over and there's info about where they're going and so on. Hell, they smile and wave for the cameras.

    Are you suggesting that if only the trouble were better known, then those who have caused it to happen, will change their minds? If so, why do you believe that?

    1. Jim Klein,


      There are many things not being brought to the attention of the American public, such as all thease kids from South of the Border that just came over will have to start school in August or September. They don't have parents, and if they did. The parents sure are not paying property taxes to local school districts. School districts can't get enough bilingual teachers to save their lives, in fact. Why do we even need bilingual teachers to begin with??? Teach the kids English first, then go from there.
      No one is looking at the long term pitfalls of this nightmare situation.

      The people that caused this situation to happen of course will not change their minds, however many members of Congress and Senate may pay attention. The defeat of Eric Cantor (who was a champion of immigration reform) sent shockwaves through D.C. The only hope is that Obama will be forced by the Senate and the House to curtail immigration reform. If Obama attempts immigration reform via executive order, his hand may be called by the Supreme Court like it was last week with this overreaching of executive authority in appointing individuals to the labor board.

      Jim Klien, Sir with respect. In this situation, If the president chooses not to obey the Constitution and chooses not to enforce federal law. What do you suggest we do??'
      The only legal recourse is through a corrupt federal court system and through equally corrupt "self serving" politicians.

      The most logical (and legal) recourse is to beat the media to death with stories of illegals commiting crimes and mayhem so often that the general (sheeple) public will be forced to at some point to vote their politicians out of office like we did to Eric Cantor.

      (on a note, that kinda worked with the Bundy Family a few months back) Bad publicity can go a long way.

      Sir, if you have any other better idea's, I would be eager to hear them. In the meantime we can all watch as American turns into a third world hellhole.
      Now at some point our economy will implode and that point, you can darn well bet that many illegals will be running back to where they came from when the welfare, benefits and jobs run out.

    2. BTW cc, I agree with you about Cantor. It seems to be two victories since April 12 and I agree that it'd be wonderful if all the battles looked like those.


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