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Monday, June 30, 2014

TOC Vendors

Someone mentioned overhead bins, such as they have in airplanes.  Anyone have a source designed specifically for buses?

I get "American Van" catalog from when I was outfitting my service vans.  Very little in that catalog will translate ideally to the TOC - so if anyone can point me to a few websites that have interior modules, pre-formed interior pieces for a bus, please send them my way.  I know some stuff, especially control panels, will have to be custom.

We've got Jim Miller who will help us mark control panel fronts, etc.

I could also use a crash course from some of you about shock protection of Comms equipment, placement of antennas (someone mentioned that some antennas should be on the bus, some inside the bus, and some well-removed from the bus. 

Thanks to all.

Remember, the TOC will be the "face" of the III Percent Society in our opening months.  It will earn media attention, and we KNOW .gov Intel will use that open source reporting to gauge our capabilities and establish countermeasures.  So, should we have some doors that come down and cover certain pieces of electronics when media comes through. so they don't know we have X or Y widgets?

So, most important - can you point me to a few vendors who sell cabinets and such we could use.



  1. I found this, it has ideas...

  2. That mill will do custom fronts as well as the engraving. Just sayin'....

  3. Why do we have to have the media in the TOC at all? They damn sure are not our friends. If we do, every piece of equipment needs to be covered.

    1. Anon: As I answered elsewhere - the only way the III grows beyond this tiny piece of the internet is media coverage.

    2. That''s a very broad answer K, easily false as written.

      Surely you're saying, "In a media-oriented action, the media coverage is very important." Not to be nit-picky, but you know how some people are sensitive about "the III."

      If I ever get the time, I hope to straighten out that silliness. It's a common error to mistake the means for the ends. Plus, the relevant percentage might be north of 50, which would make 3 just about right for the warriors.

      Now there's FAIR---3% warriors and 47% Auxiliary, versus 3% looters and 47% lemmings.

    3. Well JK: Tell me how to grow the ranks of the III in any fast, serious manner without doing good deeds that get widely reported to the III Patriots who happen to be watching news.

    4. I wasn't saying there's anything wrong with playing to the media, though personally I think it's more important at this stage to reach those who are not "III Patriots." Doing good things is always good and getting the information out there is even better.

      So I wasn't disagreeing. I was just saying what I wrote, that "the only way the III grows beyond this tiny piece of the internet is media coverage," is a false claim. "Only" leaves out a lot.

      Here's the direct answer to your current question---produce the best value and it'll happen. It's the basis for every genuine successful business in history---"Build it and they will come." Good image and media are a part of that to be sure, but they're the means to the end and not the end itself. As I mentioned elsewhere, you're not alone in this but IMO your biggest enemy, by far, is Pragmatism. I know that sounds absurd with millions of Tyrants out there, but even now you have more control over your life than they do.

  4. Try shure or lista. Million options for storage.
    We use shure overheads at work...


  5. Look around for an RV recycler, we used to call them wrecking yards.
    A more likely option would be a Semi Truck recycler. The ones with sleeper cabs often have some pretty nice cabinets and cubby holes for your comms as they usually have television and stereo systems built in for the long haul truckers. Large Metro areas usually have several of these outfits and most will ship to you.

  6. http://www.emergencyresponderproducts.com/veca1.html

  7. FYI How about a trailer to go with that bad boy?? Here is just one place I found...

    Maybe a couple of guys could pitch in and buy it. You could paint it like the TOC, and put the lll logo on the back of the trailer so folks will see it rolling down the road. Don't for get to add a web address on both. maybe on the TOC doors or rear quarter panels .

    1. This is the trailer we want, and I'm going to start a funding drive soon: http://www.groundcontrol.com/mobile-satellite-trailer.htm

    2. Oh, hell yeah. That, at the right event with the mobile subscriber software package...would fund the TOC for a year.


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