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Monday, June 9, 2014

Protecting the braincase

This helmet specs here
I've seen many pics from classes given by our III Training Corps, and in the group pics after class I see many tactical ball caps, some boonies - but not much in the way of serious head protection. 

Looking around at helmets - they ain't cheap.

This helmet specs, here
I'd be curious to know what our Trainers recommend, and what our Patriots have chosen to put next to the Go Bag.

The Shoei motorcycle helmet and a good riding jacket may earn a scoff at first glance - but consider where you are most likely to operate and under what conditions.  For some folks, having the option to avoid wearing cammies and a ruck in the 'burbs might be a good option to have standing by.

...and we know it worked in Maidan.


Concept Helmet, here


  1. Helmets are great for conventional large force operations because of the environment the wearer might be in.

    Here's the problem for LGoP's:

    - Loss of hearing ability (wind, echoes, etc)
    - Helmet ride down/up depending on fit, blocking vision
    - Weight - neck/shoulder fatique impact
    - Identifiable silhouette (no different than the ubiquitous baseball cap, which at least has a use in urban environments as it blends in)
    - IFF issues, helmet style dependent

    I'd rather invest in things that make a real difference to the person in question's skills or abilities, as no helmet takes a direct hit (save in those freakish instances) and has the person wearing it survive.

    CQB Training? Sure. We do the motor cycle helmet thing all the time. Nothing makes you feel better than not getting your face beat in when doing 3/4 and full contact front blast drills.

    Training for WROL? Better to be able to hear, see, and move more quickly. It's like plate carriers...everyone's wearing them, so your hips and head have become primary targets while you've been slowed down with an extra 15 pounds of gear.

    My .02

    1. So, I'm NOT wrong in my personal preference to plan to fight without one! Ha, I just thought I was being dumb. ;) In all my training and real-world use of my fighting skills, I never used head protection - it restricted my senses, restricted my ability to get my head out of a headlock, practical matters like that.

      btw - I'm the same with plate carriers - don't own one. If I get to pick my fights, won't need it (hopefully). But - if the other guy gets to pick where/when/how I fight, I may just be fooked. But the armor does the same for me as the helmets.

  2. I'm 'old school'.....move fast....move quiet...too much 'force protection' crap will get you killed more quickly than if you were just being quiet and fast.... :-)

  3. If your in a static position like standing guard, in a LP, or doing work around your retreat where your concentration is on the task at hand in might be prudent to have armor and helmet...Or if your assaulting a position...

  4. I am a medical professional. I have been practicing emergency medicine for 8 years.


    1) 31% of combat deaths occur due to penetrating wounds to the head (Source US Army TCCC, 2013 edition. Page 1)

    2) Blunt force to the head can easily make a person combat ineffective. It don't take much.

    3) People literally walk away from incidents that would kill them, if they were wearing a helmet. I have seen this occur hundreds of times, and I know other provides have as well.

    4) TBI is a cumulative thing, and the effects can be life altering.

    5) You are not easily replaceable. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your country to take every precaution you can to protect yourself.

    If wearing a K pot is something that you can't do for whatever reason, then at least get a bump helmet from Amazon or a sporting goods store. This will at least protect your melon from falling debris, rocks, and "self induced trauma", particularly in an urban setting.

    Just something to think about.


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