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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Millers...

I'm going to bump the ammo post back to the top in a moment.

First - Gary Hunt did an excellent piece of Fifth Estate Journalism to confirm that we were correct - these are the same people that were turned away from Bunkerville.

Now I have to offer my analysis of what happened:

The circumstances are classic.  Fringe, not-too-bright guy and gal get turned away from "their people" at Bunkerville.  They are intercepted by a proper recruiter for Bad People who Rah-Rah them into this operation.  The Gadsden on LEO is the perfect punctuation point to painting Patriots - the dead woman at Walmart is the Bad People trying to link Patriots with whatever expanded agenda.

The Millers are financed, they get help from the recruiter to target the right LEO, then they are unleashed, with orders to the effect: "When you are done, get into Walmart, in the confusion I will meet you there, we'll get out in the chaos, and we'll have started the Revolution!"

Only "The Recruiter" puts bullets in their braincases, and the anti-Right operation is a success, as "The Recruiter" slips off into the ether, looking for his next dupes.

I am convinced this is what happened, or awfully darned close.

Now, here is where I may differ with some of my allies.  Many in the Patriot Community are quick to point fingers at FedGov for False Flags.  And, there is no reason in my mind that our current Regime is not capable of sanctioning this sort of operation (though I have a bit of indigestion that too many folks at CIA/FBI could be involved - a LOT of very patriotic people go into those agencies in good faith - not to overthrow 'murica.)

Given the resources and the demonstrable Evil of Bloomberg and his allies, why could not some of these operations, which are so nearly caricaturistic, be privately funded and run by agenda-driven private sector animals?

Free Enterprise, and all that...

You know, it ain't just us on the Right who have Militia and people willing to take arms for their ideals...

...and let's consider the very real possibility that they are better at it than are we...

Here's Gary's piece.



  1. Entirely plausible. Anyone who doesn't think so is WAY behind the curve.

  2. "Rhodes gave them “a couple hundred dollars” so that they could get a motel room, shower, and some new clothes."

    Huh? Really? So you have confirmed felons who are clearly off kilter and you hook them up? Take a deep breath everyone and know that every third person you are communicating with today is either a tout or controlled by the forces of doom or both. It's just that simple. I wonder what the IRA did about such things?

    Jared and his wife got got. Cleaned by a pro is my guess or they were left to the LVPD who by then had decided rough justice was in order.

    'Gentlemen prepare to defend yourselves'
    Thanks for posting this K. You are on the right track as usual.

  3. Jared Miller was interviewed at Bundy Ranch by a local news affiliate.


  4. You know the Left set this up to blame the Right.

    1. Rob - do you think there is any possibility that private groups of Lefties (non-.gov) may be running this kind of operation now? Or do you think it remains only the work of .gov?

    2. K, Be it .gov or any other group. I think a group from the Left made this look like nuts from the Right did it.Why only take out two LEO's ??

    3. I'm 100% with you that it was a Leftie False Flag. The only reason I ask if people think private sector groups like MAIG are getting involved without .gov is because of my German history. Remember it was Adolf's friends who, when they felt safe enough, started bashing heads, starting fires, etc. If Leftie private groups in America feel confident enough to begin setting up the Right, or begin executing the Right, it marks a major, major shift in where we are in this war.

    4. K, can you email me, my address is on my blog. I have a question about 3 Pats.

    5. True. Whether this is a false flag by .gov or leftist money groups doing the bidding of their corporate masters is actually immaterial at this time. It is an event designed to foment anger against Patriots in general and those affiliated, however loosely, with the TEA Party movement. The left is using the tactics refined by the NSDAP in Germany in the 30's (NSDAP was a leftist party, a 'progressive' national socialist movement). Same tactics Alinsky stole from them and from the efforts of Marx and Engels.

    6. Rob: Kerodin@Kerodin.com or zip me your blog addy (it isn't linked in the profile I get from blogger)


  5. Think about it, I'll bet it was Republican false flag. No one is more threatened by the Tea Party than Republicans or a private Republican group.

    I say Tea Party because the Gadsden flag is most associated with the Tea Party.

    The leftist groups aren't concerned with a minority upstart group of the Tea Party as much as they are concerned with Republicans. Be it the derelict Sheriff or whoever, someone wanted this associated with the Tea Party, and the Gadsden represents the Tea Party more than even the Militia to most our populace.


  6. http://www.twincities.com/business/ci_25912309/vermont-gun-importer-lays-off-41-blames-rules

    The above is an example of the "cold war" that has been going for some time. Your question regarding whether it's gone to a "hot shooting" war is spot on IMHO. The people at the top didn't get there by being wall flowers and they are not shy about violence since many of them have had to "thug up" from time to time. Additionally, they are forward thinkers and now that the "regime" is tilted toward more active open postured fighting it only makes sense that they would engage. I count Noveske, Kyle, Seals (RIP), Hastings and others as casualties of the conflict.


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