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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stasi. KGB. SS. DHS. Same-Same.

Brutus, the most influential series of essays opposing ratification, argued that standing armies "are dangerous to the liberties of a people...not only because the rulers may employ them for the purposes of supporting themselves in any usurpation of powers, which they may see proper to exercise, but there is a great hazard, that any army will subvert the forms of government, under whose authority, they are raised, and establish one, according to the pleasure of their leader."

Many in our community have linked and read the recent piece written by John Whitehead titled: Has the Department of Homeland Security become America’s standing army?

As Wirecutter remarked:  Old news, man. Sorry.

As it has been pointed out on this blog and many others, everything Hitler did was "legal".  As has been pointed out on this blog and others, our President did not hide or even try to create a façade regarding his intentions of ...fundamentally transforming the United States of America and that We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded...[as our military.]  The italicized words are direct quotes from our President.  He knew where he was going once in office, and he told us where he was going.  And he was elected.  Twice.

We may whine and split hairs all day long about birth certificates or Ohio monkey business with polling machines, but that is futile.  I will not even entertain the arguments on this blog.  The reality is that the man is in office, he has built what is properly called a Regime, he already has fundamentally transformed America, and intends to do more.  And the fact is he is rapidly building his Civilian National Security Force, which is already more powerful and more capable than anything ever in place by Hitler, Stalin, and even Mischa Wolf.  And he intends it to become even bigger, stronger, more invasive.  And when he unleashes the fear that was known to the average East German and Cold War Russian of neighbors spying on one another for the Secret Police, the Regime's hold upon this country could last a thousand years or more - if nothing else changes.  You have seen "If you see something, say something..." yes?

Let's deal in realities, Patriots.  You and I are marked for death.  Your families will be killed with you, or if they survive they will be assimilated by the hive, or die in servitude in ways it would hurt your Soul to even consider.  This is not a game.  This is not an academic exercise.  If you are not making moves right now to protect yourself and your family against men who will bring violence to you, then you should not even be reading this blog.  Violence comes in many forms.  These people have the power to starve 90% of all Americans to death in months.  They won't need to pick up a rifle or blade.  They have the power to kill most people on the continent by natural causes of disease, simply by shutting down waste treatment facilities and turning off the pumps that make potable water run from your taps.  They don't need to unleash some super-bug engineered at Detrick.

For anyone not getting it just yet, I will serve as translator.

"Fundamental transformation of America" may mean many things - but one thing it most assuredly does not mean is Liberty.

Civilian National Defense Force translates to Stasi, SS, KGB, Brownshirts. DHS.  Your local LEO.

It's already here, and at the moment it may only be a baby dragon, but it is a dragon.  And dragons grow fast.  At some point you can't kill a dragon - the best you can do is hope he makes a mistake and kills himself, or wait until he dies of old age.

That's the simple reality.

And as you have been warned: You can hide from reality, but you can not hide from the consequences of hiding from reality.

Have a nice day.



  1. I know with a certainty that what you wrote is truth. I predict a very heavy load for the Chaplain Corps ...

    Paul L
    III Chaplain Corps
    We Are III

  2. "There is a vast difference, which most people will never comprehend, between viewing future history as it will be and viewing it as one might like it to be. Peace is a desire, war is a fact; and history has never paid heed to human desires and ideals ..."
    -Oswald Spengler

    Dark clouds on the horizon will only grow darker from here on out.

    So be it.

    Stay safe, friends.

  3. Almost sounds like a repeat of Georgia flashbang incident. Whether or not the story is true, I know not, but this is just one article on the collateral damage of this event.

  4. the dark clouds are pervasive... a friend of mine was doing what many of us have done in the past: street preaching... he was not loud, aggressive nor obnoxious but was man-handled and, cuffed and booked only to be released moments later on $110 bond... public park, no p.a. system, he had even checked with the Parks Dept prior... one singular leo decided he was "calling people names" and pushed his face to the dirt and that was that... i wasn't there to record the event... there will be a next time and there will be footage....

    I am considering my options and will post more on the III CC page... this isn't over... whatever I do will be made known so it can be followed...

    PP III to III

    1. Keep us informed, sir.

      Where did this happen, if you don't mind me asking? It wasn't Portland, was it?

    2. it was in the sleepy, welfare-town of Lewiston, Maine... the same "All American City"(i just puked a little in the back of my throat) that recently put it's very own MRAP on display - i suppose to frighten all the bad guys away from it...

    3. PP: Find out who on staff has the keys, be friendly, and park it in your garage. ;)

    4. Keys are not required.
      That is the beauty of the current generation
      workhorse vehicles of the US military.

    5. From someone who was in the vehicle side of "The Business". A set of bolt cutters is all you need to access a military vehicle :o)

  5. That prepper's story is something. Hey, over there...is that a ditch or a boobytrap? That's why they've got to go to Thoughtcrime.

    Defeat this logic: Either this shit gets stopped, or it doesn't.

  6. Mother terrified after FBI raids Valrico home


    Casey Kendell is one of Winters tenants, who says FBI agents stopped her and her boyfriend, Jason Swain, at gunpoint with her three small kids terrified in the back seat as they were heading out of town for a birthday party. Kendell says, "Why is my car getting smashed? They pulled me over and slammed my car with no sirens on, broke the windows out of my car. [They] threw FLASH BOMBS in the windows with my kids sitting right there, put guns to my temple and my chest and my neck."

  7. I posted this in the "News Alerts" section, so I'll keep it short. I think the real "crime" this man committed was that he has "potential" IE he has a following of like minded individuals. So that is what disturbed me the most, in my research. Victim-less crime, anonymous tips, undercover work. It reeks of "potential" smashing by FedGov.

    1. "Victim-less crime, anonymous tips, undercover work. It reeks of 'potential' smashing by FedGov."

      Hey, you gotta appreciate the idiocy of idiots; it'll have the opposite effect.

  8. I know it has for me. I am now more angry than I have ever been. It feels like a good solid shot fired.

  9. This is happening right across Tampa Bay from me and I am monitoring the situation. As things develop, I'll go on scene and record video and post reports on the III Chaplain Corps blog ...

    Paul L.
    III Chaplain Corps
    We Are III

  10. He turned himself in and wasn't harmed. I am glad for that. http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/fbi-arrests-doomsday-prepper-martin-winters/2184898

  11. >re. And the fact is he is rapidly building his Civilian National Security Force, which is already more powerful<<


    Didn't the Wehrmacht have something like 200 divisions, so about 2.2 million soldiers?
    At least.

    Meanwhile, total number of federal cops is under 150k, so all Leos number just ~1.5 million. Per 318 million strong country.

    1. Y - you are comparing apples and oranges. The Wehrmacht was .mil, not internal security/secret police.

      That aside: Do you think this whole "Police State" in America is just hooey?

  12. Jun 6, 2014

    President Obama’s Great Mistake


    President Obama is a man totally committed to the darkness because the forces of darkness have raised him up. They have protected him and served him well. Now, he sees his world crumbling. In Europe, he has heard the voices and the whisperings. When he was elected, Europe rejoiced because he was different from Bush. America had elected a president with a different world view. America was not to be so powerful or so dominant. This was music to European ears.

    Now, they see him in a different light. He is weak. He has withdrawn. Putin has called his bluff. Europe is vulnerable and no strong America is ready or able to guarantee its safety. Obama knows the voices, senses the attitudes and realizes that he has been lowered even in the eyes of Europeans who embraced his new idea.

    Now, he returns home to America to face the questions that have arisen on every side, all of the scandals that have been piled high. Most important, he sees his presidency crumbling. He believed that he would be a great president who would leave behind a legacy. These ambitions burn in his heart as deeply as ever but his time is running out. Still, he will not forsake his ambitions or the ideas that he has always had but has not, even to this day, revealed to the American people. These ideas were supposed to come forth earlier, but he stumbled so often that he had to push them back. Now, he sees his time running out and his power slipping away. Yet, these dark ambitions that would totally take America down the road of European socialism have not been implemented. In these coming months, he will make huge mistakes.

    He will not forsake his dreams. He will move forward quite boldly, as if he has been an excellent president. He will not put forth these new ideas to Congress to approve. He will move ahead without asking Congress. However, this time, the Democratic Party will not go with him. They will abandon him and cast him off, seeing that he has only a few more years of power. This will be his great mistake.

    May 25, 2014

    6. The Obama Darkness


    In his decisions, President Obama chooses the darkness. He exalts evil, protects evil, proclaims the goodness of evil and makes sure that evil spreads. Because he continually chooses darkness, he will remain in darkness.
    His final years in the presidency will be clouded over by constant scandals. As these final years go on, the darkness will grow greater and greater. No light will come forth. No great blessings for the American people will result. All will just be darkness for him and for those around him.

    All efforts to remove the scandals will be fruitless. I will not allow him to emerge from this darkness into light. In these first five years of his presidency he has made his choices. His heart belongs to darkness. This comes from his own free will.



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