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Monday, June 16, 2014

T.O.C. Gear arriving at the P.O. Box

My thanks to Major Wolf who shipped this 10 meter radio as a donation for the T.O.C.

It's the first donation of gear we've received at the P.O. Box we set up (address is at the T.O.C. site).  We won't be able to post pics of everything that is sent in, but we wanted to at least get the first one up.

We've got other impressive gear donations waiting for us when we head west, Lineman has a powerful Warn winch for the T.O.C. and some other goodies.  Looking forward to dropping by his place as we near the end of the trip west.  We've also got a stop in Kentucky once we put DC in the rearview.

Thanks again to everyone who is donating time, expertise, money, gear and moral support for the T.O.C. project!

Be certain to keep up-to-date at the T.O.C. site, here.



  1. That 2950 can be converted to 11 meter very easily if it hasn't already been done.

  2. i would suggest a soft cushioned place to mount that radio
    they have a tendency to end up with cracks in the circuit board
    when the are mounted solid and get the vibration treatment
    modification is a good idea especially nice as it can also be used with a
    transverter up in freq vhf uhf or down low on hf bands too with the right transverter-- check out https://zamin.websiteseguro.com/01/index.php?id_menu=produtos&cat=10&titulo=Produto+-+Transvert

    hope to see more pictures of the comms gear going into the T.O.C.


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