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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thank you

Just a quick thank you to each and every one of you who have supported the work we (we = the III) have been doing over the past years.  Not one single accomplishment could ever be championed but for every one of you who sent money, helped shape ideas in comments, gave us moral support, beat-down our critics when they needed it, inspired us.  If I start to name names I'll miss someone, and that would suck.  You know how much you have helped, and so do I.

One person I will name: Brock Townsend.

Brock is a hardcore American, III Patriot, father, husband, and good guy.  He undertook the burden of hosting a PatCon soon after Bill Nye introduced the concept, and the people who have met and the work that has been done as a result of Brock, and his charming daughter Dixie, at his PatCons.  And I can tell you this last PatCon has produced real, genuine, tangible and FAST growth and more cohesion and morale than any before it.  At 0805 Saturday I asked a few people I trusted and respected to join a discussion about the concept of the T.O.C. - and look where we are.  Later that very day I overheard a bit of discussion about forming a non-profit for the III - and here we are.  Because of a few conversations after the PatCon, the III has a Chaplain Corps up and running with two great guys.

Thank you, Brock and Dixie.  Without the environment you provide, none of this would be real.

And thank you again to each and every one of you who participate, even if you only read and prep for that day when Liberty will need you to stand and be counted.  Nothing is possible without you.


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