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Thursday, July 10, 2014

116 days...

We will not vote our way out of the Socialism or Communism that has blatant, soon to be brutal, control of our lives in America.  But that does not change the fact that 116 days from now there will be elections across the nation, and the outcome of those elections will impact the next pages of History to be written of the American Experiment.

America has never seen a single day of the Jeffersonian worldview.  By the time he made it into office the Federalists - as vile as any King or dictator - had already firmly twisted the intent of the Constitution, we had already seen such abhorrences as the Alien & Sedition Acts, and soon after Mister Jefferson was in office the Federalists in the Judiciary secured the choke upon the brand new republic in Marbury.  And to be intellectually honest, Jefferson knew the Louisiana Purchase was in our interests, but not his authority.

It is what it is.

I see people are still stroking for secession, Angels on the head of a pin style.

The discussion is pointless.  Firstly: "They" will never permit a peaceful parting of the ways.  Now add a bit more reality: secession, or Balkanization, or devolution to City-States - whatever you want to call it, is inevitable.  It is imminent, because what exists today has already passed escape velocity.  The coming impact is imminent.  A few variables may affect the size and center of the crater, but there will be a crater.  There will be several craters in North America. 

That which can not be sustained - won't.

RevWarIII began October 13, 2013.  The King's Men and those who mean to be Freemen met again April 12th, 2014 in the desert - the second skirmish of the war.  There will be bloodshed at the next skirmish.  At this hour, of this day, it appears that skirmish may be calendared in our southwest for the near-future.  We shall see.  But They mean to have this war - these Socialists and Communists who have taken advantage of the Greed of Man for generations, building upon the disease of Federalism to enslave more than 300 million Americans.  They must have absolute subjugation before they can truly claim victory.  Once CONUS starts to fly apart, the last free place on Earth will be gone, forever.  Unless They lose.

Man is a thing to be surpassed, indeed.  Sadly, you and I are part of that evolutionary process and will never know that reward. 

Soon after the elections all optics will be dropped by those who mean to be Masters.  The eternal war of Good versus Evil will be clear for all to see.  What will History tell of your conduct in these days of strife?

Do not fire unless fired upon.  Those were the orders of the first III Patriot.

They remain among the eternal orders of all III Patriots.

You remember what Captain Parker said next?  ...but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

Those orders remain among the eternal orders for III Patriots as well.

Today the III are in every nook and cranny of America.  We will know when it is time to leave the porch and head to our town Green.  We are leaderless.  We are Freemen who mean to be at Liberty.

III Patriots have III eternal Standing Orders:

Do not fire unless fired upon.

If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

When your Soul commands that you march to the Green, go find something Evil, and kill it.



  1. Ozan bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!

  2. But where does the evil designation stop? Is it just the DHS soldier who will follow orders to confiscate firearms? Is it the DHS soldiers spouse and family that knowingly support his tyranny for the sake of a paycheck? Is it the lawmakers that sit idly by while this happens? Is it the unelected bureaucrats that regulate American Citizens into submission? Is it the clerk that hands out the welfare checks? Is it the individual that receives the welfare check paid for by funds stolen from future generations? Is it the college professor that is indoctrinating impressionable young people? Where does the evil designation stop? I personally think they are all evil. They have all actively participated in the subversion of rightful liberty in one way or another. So does it matter that some will come with guns and others with their hands out, looking for free stuff? The latter to me is the greater offense.

    1. They are both offensive. As 'the one who wants to be president said,
      "...what difference does it make now"? When the time comes (soon), those (of us) who take our freedom and liberty seriously will know exactly what to do .....
      Just saying.

  3. Excellent and well written piece. Don't become the evil you hate.

    1. Thus the need for a moral compass. Thank God above that Prepping Preacher and I were inspired by God to propose the Chaplain Corps to K who, after reading our .pdf outline, gave us the green light. Spread the word, the III Chaplain Corps is recruiting!

      Paul L.
      III Chaplain Corps
      ​Animabus nostris sacrum honorem nos fortunis

  4. Voting like this no doubt


    I rest my case

  5. The barricades were a big thing for a big issue, but IMO the War started April 12. In Washington there weren't exactly two sides, both armed, facing each other down, as there were in Nevada.

    To each his own. For Jose Guerena and many others, this sad War ended long before either of those events.

    1. JK: Here's why I include the October event: There were two sides in a standoff, facing one another. There were more arms among the Citizens/Vets than one may expect. .Gov called-in reinforcements. There was hostility to the point that at many times the slightest wrong move would have moved to violence, especially as OP and others pressed that front rank.

      Yes, it is subjective. But ultimately why I include it - it was the first time in my entire life when I saw, with my own eyes, FedGov chose to stand down and walk away versus let Ego force them into a dominance position. It was a tactical retreat to avoid violence.

      But you are right - it is subjective.


    2. Okay, thanks. Yeah, that op can get edgy. Bad for his health. I guess the difference to me is that it wasn't an openly armed confrontation, which IMO is an essential characteristic of War.

      I'd like to think that lots of vets are armed, nearly all the time. But then, that's what I'd like to think of most rational people...at least those who think that an armed thug might try to get over on them.

      Hell, I can't even figure out what an "unarmed soldier" is, as mandated in many places since the '90s. I've never met a soldier who didn't or shouldn't have a gun.

    3. That's the diversity crowd in out depleted and diverse military today. More feminization of forces, more impotence as a force, unwilling to ruin their manicure and hurt their soft, creamy hands. The fools in the ivory tower known as the Pentagon deem new tactics based on the LGBT agenda, where "taking one for the team" has a truly different meaning. All part of the degradation and decay of our society. Inevitable, really, once our society reject morality and virtue.

      Paul L.
      III Chaplain Corps
      Animabus nostris sacrum honorem nos fortunis

  6. Daytime may now be preferable for our enemy as their drones will fill the sky. Cover your face and don't stay in the open. Don't you dare call a friend, e-mail a friend, fax a friend, text a friend, unless it is a fake friend to draw them off. NSA will be wired in. Don't take that 2nd shot in the same place as the first. Chaos will rein for them also like us.You won't be fighting the Marines. Their just working for a living, we are working for our freedom. Remember this 80,000,000 gun owners times 3% is 2,400,000 patriots. They can never match our numbers nor our resolute desire to be free.After their first firefight, they won't be so gung ho to go to the next one.
    God Speed to you all!

  7. I love this part......"When your Soul commands that you march to the Green, go find something Evil, and kill it."......YESSSSSS!!


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