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Friday, July 4, 2014

238 Years Ago

As you can see Swag is beginning to arrive.

The oval shoulder patch is 4.5" x 3.5", Velcro backing.  That's III Society gear.

You'll see 3 lapel pins.  The polished brass and the brass/black pins are also exclusively for III Society members.  There's also an all-black that we'll sell through IIIGear for the TOC.

The new III patches on the left are 3x2 - perfect for your tactical caps,  The sand/coyote is the first non-OD I've purchased for IIIGear.  So, you've probably guessed we'll be stocking several items in sand from Condor.  I personally have 2 Condor 163 sling bags used as Go Bags in sand, and now a few tactical caps.

Why?  Why worry about IIIGear and a new III organization?  Why bother with a lapel pin or patch?

238 years ago Thomas Jefferson and a few others sat in a room and drafted what would become our most important Founding Document. 

When in the course of Human events...

We hold these truths to be self-evident...


...Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness...

238 years later, we find ourselves in much the same circumstances.  In many ways, worse.

We hear the words morale and cohesion often.  They are important.  How many of you feel alone, as if nobody near you shares your values and ideals? 

That leads us to IFF - Identify, Friend or Foe.  Marking your gear, your outfit, your vehicle with a simple Roman Numeral III serves as a beacon to those of us who are your allies.  It tells us in an instant which side we take in a scrum.

And there is a scrum headed our way.

This is a holiday weekend for a serious reason.  For you and me it is an opportunity to become more prepared.


Life Membership: ($1,000 or more)

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)


  1. Our unity displayed will engender the interest of others

    "Hey. What does that roman 3 pin mean?" "It means I'm 1 of a growing, national organization of Patriot men and women who have determined to stand up against the push of tyranny in our nation by those who would be our masters. We are, in fact, pledged to the restoration of Rightful Liberty and to each other in that effort."

  2. Good looking stuff. I finally was able to sign up as a Minuteman monthly member and I intend to convert to a Son of Liberty as soon as I am financially able to do so. I'll keep contributing my treasure, my skills and knowledge as much as I can. Happy Independence Day. It is almost time for a second one ...
    Paul L.
    III Chaplain Corps
    III Percent Society for America Minuteman

  3. I have three gear with me at work. My short answer is that "it takes III% of the population to make a difference" and expand upon the idea as warranted.

  4. Confirmed: peace officers have recreated the Bundy Ranch "free speech zones" in Murrieta. They are now called "assembly areas."
    From desertsun.com: Shouting matches break out at Murrieta demonstration - desertsun.com/story/news/local/2014/07/04/murrieta-california-border-patrol-immigration-protests-undocumented-immigrants-july-fourth/12217279/

    "Since the protest, long sections of rural roadways near the Border Patrol station have been marked "no parking," and both sides of the issue have been given assembly areas. But law enforcement officials have said a repeat of Tuesday's blockade of three buses, presumably carrying women and children, will not be allowed."
    The website is regularly posting live updates.
    The most recent was at 12:33 PST.

  5. I'd like to offer a quick suggestion. I set up a recurring monthly payment for the TOC and a recurring payment for the Society. It would be nice to get some type of email or something, just to let folks know that the payment was received. Not trusting by nature, sending my money into the "web-zone" without confirmation makes me nervous.

    1. Anon_ Thanks for the support.

      PayPal is supposedly 100% automated - did they not send you a receipt?

  6. Every Paypal account holder has a paypal activity pages. Payments sent, payments received, etc....just gotta sign in and click the right tab....


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