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Thursday, July 3, 2014

TOC: Fundraiser Weekend

On this very special weekend marking the 238 years since our Declaration of Independence, and because you and I have been tasked by History to defend that document, I am going to offer three special items to raise funds for the TOC.

Truthfully, I would prefer you jump to the post below and join the III Percent Society for America, because membership numbers translate directly into political power - but many of you already have done so, and some of you prefer not to join, but do like to fly IIIGear.

Remember, every penny raised from this post is committed to the TOC. 

The first item is a III black lapel pin, with butterfly clip on the back. Hat is NOT included.  I chose black so you can fly this pin at the office, or in full battle rattle.

III Black Lapel Pins

I bought a dozen tan Tactical Condor caps as a test.  I do not have any tan/brown 1x4 tabs for the back, but will include the tan/coyote front patch.  If you order among the first dozen, they'll ship this weekend.  If you order after that, I'll place a proper-sized order with Condor to get plenty in stock, and get them shipped out ASAP.  I really don't know how many of you will like the tan.


Final fundraising item is our standard OD Tactical Cap.  It will ship with a new OD/Black III front patch, and the OD/Black 1x4 Molon Labe tab.  Yes, our new batch of tabs arrived! 


Help us invest more gear into the TOC this weekend and fly your III Gear proudly.

Our Founders wrote that very special document.

You and I must defend it.


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