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Thursday, July 3, 2014

III Militia - Let the world know we stand with our allies

If you are a member of an Organized Militia -- a group that trains and conducts operations in your AO, from recon to disaster relief -- you are the living embodiment of our Founders.

If you are not part of an Organized unit, you are part of the Unorganized Militia.  Personally I do not draw distinctions between men, women, teens, or octogenarians - if you can pick up a rifle, you are part of the Unorganized Militia and you, too, are the living embodiment of our Founders.

Further, if you are part of the unorganized Militia and find yourself in the middle of a battle, without a "militia" identifier on you, as far as FedGov is concerned, you are a criminal, an armed combatant.

It was at Brock's in discussions with Sandman, Colonel Yingling, and his XO that the notion for a III Militia patch took form.  First, if you are Militia, wearing a III Militia patch tells the world you've got our backs.  Second, if you are a member of the unorganized Militia, it tells the Organized folks we support them and have their backs.  It is also a means of identifying yourself on any battlefield.

I had a few hundred made up.  They are OD/Black, 1" x 4" tabs, with Velcro backing.  They fit perfectly on the back of your tactical cap.  They should live on several pieces of your gear.  And, of course, every patch you purchase helps us do more for the TOC.

Order yourself a full set and share them with your Tribe.

III Militia Patches

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  1. Thank you for your efforts in promoting the much-needed militia movement.


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