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Saturday, July 26, 2014

End 'very near' for Christianity after Isis takeover...

Deny if you wish.

Adapt or Die.

It's about time Mother Nature culled the herd, anyway.

No matter what happens, most of my life is already behind me, and I have no delusion I will die in a feathered bed of old age, surrounded by loving family.  No, I will die hard.  But that is another topic. 


North Korean's supplying (successfully) Hamas - so just connect dots to figure out who is supplying the real threat - Hezballah.

Oh, and Extirpate

My thanks to CA for once again finding a single word to convey the Evil that this way comes, and how we must handle it.


Just an aside and truly unrelated to everything above, if this planet exists in 250 years with Humans, none will be White.  The dilution is underway at the Nation-State level.

It is what the fuck it is...


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  1. This underscores and puts an exclamation point to your post, we are in the shit, it’s not coming, it’s here, now, what are we gonna do about it?


    Richard R Deaver


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