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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Six Companies...

Drudge is linking a story that reports 90% of the "news" consumed in America is owned by just 6 companies.

Some of you have shrugged your shoulders as you read about how many of the III Community are joining together to form the new III Percent Society - now is the time to stop shrugging for a moment.

There is a reason the new Society has designated it's first major project to be what has become known as the TOC.  The Mission is simple - go to the hotspot, get to the X, and broadcast the truth directly to you on your blogs, your FBs, and wherever else our techies can find to dump the raw video, audio and interviews from the ground.  No filters.  No corporate money.  No spin.  No bullshit.

There is even a name for the concept, explained at wiki: The Fifth Estate.  The Fifth Estate is Citizen Journalism - bloggers and others who dare wade into Harm's Way to broadcast what is REALLY happening.

The III Percent Society is unlike any organization before it.

Our first Mission - being the Fifth Estate - will probably get a few of us hurt - at best.

We've locked down a few essential domains using the "Fifth Estate" label.  We've got some sharp, experienced people volunteering time and expertise.  We've got many of you joining to help finance the operations, and so, so many of you who are volunteering to wade into Hell to satisfy the mission.

We've got the TOC.  Slowly it is being outfitted for the Mission.  It will deploy when it is time, when risking injury and death will have meaning to get the raw, unfiltered Truth out for Liberty.

We need some more gear - radios (Tactical and long range), wifi video cameras with audio.  SatUplinks (redundant), cameras and security systems.  NV gear.  More members and more revenue to ensure we can get there, get the job done, and those of us lucky enough - get home again.

This is not about a Pulitzer or ratings.

Liberty itself is being hunted and murdered around the planet, and right here in America.

Go here, and read about the TOC.  Consider hitting the "Donate" button - tho I'd rather you joined the Society instead.  Raw numbers of Americans with a respect for 2A is our armor.

Go here, and help us by joining the III Percent Society.  If you are a member of the Society, we may be in your AO one day soon and put out a call for help.  We need members we know will kit-up and come, who will make us a hole so we can get our jobs done.

Stand and be counted.  This ain't no game.


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