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Sunday, July 27, 2014

How did you train today...

...because many people across this world, and this country, trained to kill you today.  In America the training is no longer limited to academies and schools - it is OJT - On-The-Job.  American LEO in uniform kill at least one person every week that should not have been killed - and that is just what makes national news.  How many stories of such murders never make it beyond your local NBC affiliate?

The Israeli's built a 5,000 acre mock city they use to train their people.  Because they are Jews and their people have an innate and verifiable understanding that much of the world won't be happy until they are all dead.  When your great grandparents - and grandparents in many cases - faced boxcars and ovens, you tend to keep your guard up.

Is your guard up?  I mean, really?  Did you do more today than read a few Liberty blogs, maybe fire at some square range paper targets, run a mile, do a junk-on-the-bunk check?

You can posture all you wish online, but when your own heart asks, how will you respond?



  1. LOL. You don't see the big picture at all.

    1. Please, do enlighten me, oh wise one...

    2. What happened? I was curious myself.

      Here's the big picture IMO---"My guess is that people are about to learn the difference between concepts and their referents, mighty soon."


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