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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


OK - I've had a Facebook page for a while, but never used it.  Hell, I couldn't find it for a while, to give you a hint about how Facebook illiterate I am.  But I just went over there, cleaned it up a bit and will begin cross-linking between here, Twitter and other such annoying web details.

So, if you do the Friend-thingy, feel free. 

DO NOT be insulted if you say something, send me something or otherwise engage me at Facebook and I don't answer - I really don't know how to use it, and I'm not going to use it for much more than a mirror for the blog.

I am planning to buy a widget that will allow direct live-streaming to the FB page once the TOC deploys, so...

Here's the link.



  1. Great. Give the feralgov another way to keep tabs on you.

  2. lol michigan doug, coming to this and related/linked websites already puts an x beside one's name... showing up on f/b or any other of the "social media" pages won't present a new target... the only way to be completely secret squirrel is to never have been online and never to have had a bank account nor public utility service...

    the key lies not in if you're discovered saying something but rather the content of what you say and to whom it's said... OPSEC/COMMSEC

    PP III Chaplain III to III

    1. And in 100% honesty, and only people who interact with me routinely know for sure, but the only way I catch another case is if They lie. I'm easy to find, I invite a man-to-man conversation with Agents of any Federal organization or the Sheriff of Benewah County Idaho. I do not want anyone, ever, to get hurt. But they already know this, which I hope is the reason they have left me alone.

      If they take me, it is kidnapping. If they convict me, they are lying. If they disappear or kill me or I suddenly suicide, they murdered me.

      Those are just the facts.


    2. "...the only way I catch another case is if They lie."

      Now that would be courage...have one's safety count on them not!

      I did the same thing...signed up long ago on fb, but didn't start till last winter. It's alright, but I'd be surprised if it's so big in 10 years. Easiest way to find me there is officialobjectivism.com

  3. You can find me by using my real name, Alan W. Mullenax.


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