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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gun Confiscation in NY?

This just came into the News Alerts tab, from InfoWars.

NY State Troopers knocked on a guy's door and asked if they could inspect the serial number of a newly purchased firearm.  Guy let them in, opened his safe, then LEO took all his guns, citing a 15 year-old possession charge.

This is NOT the beginning of door-to-door SWAT'ing confiscations.  It's stealthy, but California has been doing this for years.

The recent NY & CT 2A laws will be a problem, but you need not check your rearview for Federal Military Invasion Routes just yet.

We've got a few III Patriots in those AOs.  They will need some support in the near future.  That support begins with the TOC.  The TOC needs gear, fuel and staff.  You can help your fellow III Patriots by making it possible for us to deploy the TOC when and where needed. 

Join the III Percent Society.  The join buttons are ----> right there.

When is the last time you saw NRA on the front lines of an anti-confiscation showdown?

Be a member of an organization that makes you proud.

Here's the link.


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