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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Heh, Wirecutter finds the best...

Fuck the Chicago Way.

You'd better be able to go this hard, from this second forward, without warning.

Here's the link to Kenny's.

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  1. Mr. Kerodin, and all others who have such input on the matter of violence and it's utility, I'd like to ask this:

    Is there justice, or even goodness, in such a brutal approach? I realize that those who oppose honest men will stop at nothing and leave nothing off the table in order to get what they wish, and in order to be master over others.

    Perhaps it's my young age, or naive idealism, or perhaps I simply do not have the proper experience or perspective on such things. But it strikes me as counter-productive, at least morally, to embrace cruelty in order to get a positive end result. In this case, I don't know whether that nephew of the terrorist leader was a through and through Jihadist who was as callous and brutal as the men who undertook that hostage crisis, or simply a relative who had little to to with the whole affair. If he was the former, than I can see the utility behind using him as leverage. If the latter, than that strikes me as simply feral behavior in order to elicit a desired response.

    I know that good men are faced with thoroughly evil opponents within this country. I know that the situation is shit. I know that it won't be pretty when the optics are well and truly dropped. I know innocent and guilty alike will die....

    What I wish to know is whether or not one can justify doing evil in order to do good. We can drag out the blow torches and hacksaws, the malicious rhetoric, the chemicals and the fire and the rack and the rusty knives. And we can certainly use such things, and efficaciously.

    But if we use such means, how are we then better than those we oppose, who have been using the same methods for decades, if not centuries?

    Do the ends truly justify the means? And what of those who partake in such means? Is it a way of sacrificing oneself and ones humanity for a brighter future? Was Nietzsche warning of this very danger when he said "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster."?

    I mean no criticism in this post, please understand this. I am simply trying to wrap my head around the implications of such actions...

    And this is an honest to God inquiry, not a condemnation, not a criticism, not a soapbox. I've tried many, many times to find an answer to this. The answers I have found were unsatisfactory, and in the end led to more questions.

    I have lost sleep over this issue. I have exhausted myself mentally and physically in trying to wrestle with this question and its implications. At this point I'm almost weary of discovering the true answer.

    I don't know if any of that made sense. I may very well need to just be told straight up to 'Man the fuck up you pussy", which is completely valid, and necessary. Regardless, these questions still gnaw at me.

    The thought of what is coming, of what will happen and what will be lost...this all leaves a terrible taste in my mouth and a pit in my stomach.

    May God have mercy on us all.

    Thank you.

    1. Kurtz: Let's take the discussion from the specific situation in the story, since we don't know all the details, and probably never will.

      Let's jump to your sentence in graf 5: What I wish to know is whether or not one can justify doing evil in order to do good.

      You're asking for the answer to the classic: Would it be moral to murder one innocent child if it cured cancer?

      Instead of trying to find that answer, consider this: Your questions alone indicate you have a firm moral compass. Trust it. When you are faced with hard choices, take the decision that you think is correct at the time.

      Just know this - we will all be faced with many "lesser of evils" circumstances, and it is going to suck.


  2. I appreciate the response, sir. The 'lesser of evils' situations are what have me worried. At this rate they seem unavoidable, considering how pervasive the influence of the cretins in DC has become, and how it has snaked its way into all aspects of common life.

    What will come will come. We will all face hard choices. At this point I can only pray that I will have the clarity of mind and heart to make the right choices, and the strength to follow through on them. I pray the same for all Patriots and honest men and women.

    May good men prevail in the coming calamity.

    Once again, thank you.


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