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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I mean to live in Jefferson's worldview...

It is said that we revere Jefferson's world, yet we live in Hamilton's.

The statement is not incorrect.

You can't "fix" Hamiltonian worlds.  You can only leave them until they collapse, or raze them. 

Some of us intend to live Jeffersonian in more than words alone.

I wonder what America would look like today if someone  had dragged Hamilton into the street and put a knife in his neck a few years before he was able to pervert the Constitution.  I wonder how many lives would have been saved from misery.  Killing Hamilton would have been a killing, not a murder.

Here's a Jeffersonian piece found at WRSA.


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  1. Founder's have been greatly on my mind lately. Their worldview based in the late Enlightenment period milieu. How this relates to not only our national life but our individual lives as well as religious lives as Christians struggling with an extra two and a half centuries of Satan's lies and influence within our denominational churches today. The sinfulness embraced, the financial concupscience of the leaders, the crimes and lies, those in positions of trust and service perverting said offices into positions of power, all the deadly sins embraced and the Word of God mis-translated and diminished becoming as sounding brass.
    See my email K, it explains in much greater depth.


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