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Thursday, July 31, 2014

III Percent Society

How many of us would it take to meet on the X and own the ground?

Are you a Member who would receive the dispatch?

Join us.  We are III.

One thing is certain: If you are not a Member, you will miss certain information that is not broadcast in the clear.

You can join on my right sidebar, or you can join at our official blog, here.



  1. "One thing is certain: If you are not a Member, you will miss certain information that is not broadcast in the clear."

    Here's some philosophical intricacy for you. One of the problems (one!) with Pragmatism (the ends justify the means) is that one doesn't know whether to measure an action of utility (a pragmatic action) on the basis of its utility or on its consistency with the ends. Not only is it tough to judge, but it can also lead to confusion and mistakes when deciding future actions. That's why I try to stick with principle myself, but then I'm a simpleton.

    Anyway, this is a good example. It's fully consistent with the ends...it's an indisputably true statement, after all. But it's quite anti-utility, measured by what you intend to accomplish by it. That's because for each of the few who might be moved by it to join, there are more who will be instantly dissuaded from having anything to do with it. I'll leave it to you to figure out why.

    Probably the underlying lesson is that I should've gone into marketing. Hey, just trying to assist you in defending against your enemies, as I am best able. Now I'm utterly convinced that Pragmatism is your biggest one. But of course, that's about me and not necessarily you. If the shoe pinches...

    1. It was deliberate. I'm tired of talkers who find reasons not to walk. They can just stay away if they are not ready for the X.

      But, believe me, I get the marketing downside - just don't care. ;)

  2. Jimmy's gonna have a tough time dealing with people who just don't care.

  3. Wow, you're not usually so wrong. You got it backwards...my comment to K was going to be, "Oh, well that's even better yet!"

    You see, I think a person SHOULD be motivated by his own goals, and I was pleased to see that K's motivation was something other than a pragmatic desire to gain more members. Plus, it should be obvious by now that I can deal with pretty much anyone, as long as they don't seek to gain what they wish by thuggery.

    I manage with you okay, don't I? What better evidence could there be?


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