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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It is what it is...

The Patriots who read this blog tend to be a bit more hardcore and realistic than many other sites.

Look at the poll on the right.  Consider the percentages.  Can you say "Oh, fuck..."?

LGoPs who would have gone to work had Bundy gone hot - would have been a lonely bunch.  Not enough would have done anything to prevent OpFor dominance.

The larger percentage take the same approach as did Captain Parker - they vote to wait until the "Bad People come to their neighborhoods".  But this is not 1775, even if there are parallels.

Folks - the Bad People ARE in your neighborhoods.  Right now.

Normalcy bias will lead you straight to the boxcar.

Fuck.  A LOT of you who read this blog are headed for the rail cars, and you don't even see it.  That AR, for many of you, is nothing but a baby's woobie.  It helps you sleep at night, but it won't save you from reality.

I'll meet you down in Arizona Bay.  Or, not.



  1. We all know the saying of when they came for ? I didn't stand up because I wasn't a ?...Like I've said before a lot of people will be in the camps because they thought they were special and they wouldn't ever be the ones that got taken...We really have become a nation of cowards...

  2. I know i'm bound to be a first target. I'm too opinionated without a filter. I figure, if i'm gonna go out that way, I'll at least go out even, and take someone of theirs with me. More, if I have the ability to.

  3. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I wouldn't be too discouraged. If a LGoP had gone hot, how long do you think it would be before OPFOR cracked down nationwide? For myself, I will continue to prepare my AO for as long as I'm able, and I won't be heading across the country looking for trouble while my children and family remain here. When the time comes, I probably won't have to look far to find issues to be dealt with, being in MA as I am. Let me say that on road travel through the hills and mountains of Western Mass may become difficult for some groups.

  4. People, its a poll. We should all realize by now that communications are compromised an OPSEC is our responsibility. Don't be dismayed at the lack of response or the the results. Straight at it now- we need a legitamate, constitutional call to arms from recognized, elected officers and at that time lets take a head count. "We will get on the train" Sam? Really? I am disappointed friend, that you think so little of us because we did'nt rally round your printed challenge by the thousands.Hang on, an lets put or force behind the proper attacks.If it is not going to hell fast enough for that call to arms we wait for, then realize that your call, to protect your family went out some time ago. This is first. In my AO, friends and family have there marching orders, and it does'nt include getting on the train (or bus more likely) God help us, that we prevail, and that we stay as one.

    1. Guy - you are partly correct. It is an open source poll, which I suggested in the post.

      But don't under-estimate percentages or your own eyes. I'm glad your AO is tight and squared-away. But do some creative normalcy bias quizzing among a significant statistical cross-section of all the AR owners in your AO. I bet half or more give you reason to be concerned they'll know when to show up - and worse, when it is time to go first.

      Stay safe.


    2. I see it Sam, "When it is time to go first". I fall in the same mind set of waiting for orders. We keep thinking there are honorable men in those leadership positions. This may prove to be a dangerous error. There is no hesitation if they bring it here, how many of our country folks will make the trip if they bring it "there". I will hit the poll. See you soon maybe, Guy

    3. Just remember III Percent Standing Order #4: In the absence of orders, go find something Evil and kill it. ;)

      Be safe.

    4. Good stuff, Guy. Yeah, I don't think it'll be boxcars for the more extreme readers/writers/actors. Boxcars are for the hoi poloi.

      This War is about individualism versus collectivism. Either individuals will choose to live as freely as they can--and protect that choice--or it ain't gonna happen. There will be no call to arms and there will be no leader to take that first step, leading a multitude of others to join the cause.

      That's my view, anyway. Ultimately this only about Responsibility---for one's life, one's choices, one's production, one's property. If there are enough folk left who aren't brain-dead, then the Good Guys win. If there aren't, then it'll look just like this, but magnified.

      Everything relevant is in the rear-view mirror now. It's either-or.


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