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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The "Oh Shit" Reality

I do not teach people "Martial Arts".

My CQB class is exactly as advertised: I teach you to Fight to your Weapon.

I throw a few extra techniques into the course that allow anyone to break anyone stoopit enough to get too touchy-feely.

The Idaho Studio will not teach you "Martial Arts".  If you want to learn the numerous ways out of a headlock from the ground - go find a Gracie school and sign up for a few years.  You want to learn to throw an attacker who has 200 pounds on you, momentum and a handful of your shirt, and you weigh 85 pounds - go find an Aiki dojo and train for a decade.  If you want to learn "Combatives" that they teach new .mil recruits - just hit a good Gracie school for about 3-4 months.

You want to learn how to break an idiot in the least amount of time and with minimal effort, all the while remaining in a defensively-capable posture - ok, now you can come to my Studio.

I teach you to break people - and if he dies or can never use that limb again, tough-titty said the kitty when the milk went dry.

My uncle used to say something that makes more sense every single day I get older: A young man will fight you.  An old man will kill you.

If you ever need the techniques I teach, you've already fucked-up and you are in an "Oh Shit!" moment of your life.  You should have shot that bastard 250 yards ago.  At the least you should have drawn your sidearm and shot him as he charged.

If you ever need what I teach, you'd better have it.


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  1. I've got to agree with your uncle. At my age, I don't fight. I also like to see emphasis on practical, nuts and bolts, break them simply techniques. I wish more firearms tactics trainers would adopt the same approach. If they would spend more time on breaking contact than moving to contact, there would be more of us left at the conclusion of the coming festivities.


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