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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Real life...

If you have been through my CQB course, you will recognize a bit here and there as you watch this video.  I do not have the years it takes in a 1-day CQB class to teach the nuance, the subtle, the unseen - so I boil a few techniques down from Aiki that I know I can teach anyone in a single day - such as breaks, getting off the line of attack, and getting your hands free, no matter what.  Some of what I teach is not from an Aiki dojo today - but it would have been 150 years ago.

Watch this video if for no other reason, to inform your mind that there are worlds within the Human experience you may have never known existed, things you will never believe until they happen to you, or you see them with your own eyes.

As you watch, remember she is in training mode - at any given moment in every single technique, she could end the fight - especially if her attacker is not adept at falling defensively.

If you still have doubts after watching it, I invite you to attend one of her seminars, and attempt to put your hands on her.

G'head.  I double-dawg dare ya...   Hey, for some real experience, sneak-up on her and give it a shot.  ;)

Pay particular attention to the fact, somewhere around 1:06, that she has a tanto in her waistband, and when she uses it, her techniques never change - whether armed or unarmed, every technique is essentially the same.  She decides how every encounter will end...



  1. She's got some serious skills,no way would I want to get anywhere near her,of all the people I know,there's one guy that might stand a chance.
    That's a might to,as she has obviously trained hard for many years.
    I've seen some of the moves over the years-but I saw many more in the video that I've never seen.
    Good video,informative for sure.
    Goes to show that all of us who keep saying do more PT and train harder are right.

  2. Oh yeah-no way in hell would I try to sneak up on the lady.


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