Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bears, Dragons & "Superpowers"...

You will remember that being the only genuine SuperPower on the planet offends the Enemies of Liberty in America.

They have been working hard to degrade American Exceptionalism in every sector while aiding foreign Enemies of Liberty.

I have warned for years that any synchronicity between China and Russia is an Existential problem for you and me.

In the last year we have watched this all escalate in real-time.

Parity and a Global win for Enemies of Liberty means America MUST be literally reduced to at least second-world status, and have people in power who will never pull the nuclear trigger.

Headline on Drudge right now: GEN.: Russia and China Could Use Lasers and Nukes to Cripple America in Space...

If you shrug and say: Meh, just the military-industrial complex working for larger FedGov grants, I would suggest you adjust your normalcy bias meter.

You have been warned.

WWIII & RevWarIII are underway.

Communists and worse from around the globe have established their Fifth Column in your neighborhoods.  They'll start slitting throats soon, on Main Street, USA.  And your .mil will not protect CONUS.  Your comms and precious cablevision will be turned off.

And America was warned more than 50 years ago - but McCarthy had been correct - and too late.

Have a nice day.


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