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Monday, July 7, 2014

TOC: Comms

My sincerest thanks to Sparks, our own Paul L. from the III Chaplain Corps (who is also a Comms guy), Tone and so many others of you who have been helping me wade through the wants and needs for the TOC.  I make no secret about it - Comms has never been a skill I even toyed with as a hobby, much less applied professional energy into as many of our III have done.  My thanks to everyone who has donated already beyond the Comms.  By the time we are done, we'll have the baddest, most capable TOC outside of the service.

This post from Sparks goes even further and talks about how to integrate Listening Posts along with the TOC, a critical piece of information I did not have.  When it comes to Comms and you guys are helping me out, please remember: I don't even know what I don't know.  So I need you to really dumb it down for me.  ;)

Thanks to all of you - with your help I've got a semi-decent handle on what we must have, and what we'd like to have.  And so many across the country have volunteered to assist in any manner we need - from relaying HAM signals to manning Comms stations if we land in their AO.  We've done a very good job of weeding out the bad players in our part of the Liberty Movement.  You've done that work.  Good on you.

Soon the III Percent Society will begin to prioritize and purchase gear for the TOC so we can begin to deploy.  We may not have all our wants, but we'll have enough of our needs to make a difference.  So now I ask: Do we have any III Patriots who have access to wholesale prices for Comms gear?  You can write me privately if you don't want such info going into the clear where your boss might see it.  Kerodin@kerodin.com

Remember, wherever we deploy our Primary Mission is to gather the Truth and deliver that audio, video and interviews from Ground Zero to our web allies who will disseminate that information.  We're going to short-circuit MSM spin by gathering the data, and sending it straight to you - real-time whenever possible.

RevWarIII is underway. The Feds in "Riot Gear" headed to the border are NOT headed there to confront the illegals.  They are going to point their weapons at you.  Our best response right now is to broadcast that abuse of power to every American household, to let them see the truth about the men and women in their government.

If you have helped us, thank you.  If you can help, please do.  There is PayPal at the TOC website, a PO Box for snail mail gear or other donations.  And of course, we need III Patriots to join the III Percent Society.  Pure numbers are raw power in bare-knuckle politics, and understand that politics will continue through AND after RevWarIII is over.  Politics never stops - it just sometimes includes bullets.

How can you help the Liberty Movement most?  Join the III Percent Society.  Help us prove there are, indeed, three percent of Americans who stand ready to defend themselves and Liberty.  Once we pass just a few thousand members, we will begin blipping on many radar screens.

Help us, here.


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