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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Border: My Last Word

So, some "Patriots" and "Militia" are kitting up and heading to the border.

Here is my warning, and if you get your feelings hurt, maybe you'll pause long enough to think: If you are headed to the southwest border "...to do something..." or to "...protect our sovereignty..." or some such, and you are going armed, then listen very carefully: You are just begging to step on your dick and cross into some malum in se mistake that will stain your Soul for all eternity.

If you do not hurt someone, someone wearing USG uniforms will possibly be forced to hurt you in defense of some south of the border refugee, or you will hurt the USG triggerman in your own "defense".

The switch that controls the gate along the southwest border is in Washington DC.  It is not to be found in Texas, NM, AZ, or Cali.

If you are a "Patriot" and headed to the southwest, are you ready to murder those "invaders"?  Are you going to shoot those Border Agents who are changing diapers?

You have no legitimate fight on the border.  You have no legitimate authority to fight on the border.

If you insist on going, so be it.  The Patriot gene pool needs a cleansing as well.  We need people who understand where the real enemies are located, who are smart enough not to engage to Sparklies and waste energy.

Do nothing that does not degrade the will or the ability of the true enemy to fight.

Here's just one column.



  1. Everyone should be in D.C. then??? Should we let our Reps and Senators to force Obama to close the border, with troops to stop anyone??

  2. If you want to turn off a light, you go to the switch and turn it off by any legitimate means necessary, you do not go and unscrew the light bulb.

    1. What if you flip the switch, and nothing happens? (not meant in any snarky way) Who decides what is legitimate? I am just asking the questions because it seems that any previously prescribed legitimate action for recourse in this country is broken, and is there an "if all else fails" action that can be taken?

    2. You and I decide what is legitimate by the moral compass we have installed. And when I say "The switch is in Washington DC" I am not saying "Elect Ron Paul!" I'm saying "It's time to treat every politician and bureaucrat in the country like they stole something...." ;)

    3. hmmmm...haven't they? I would say theft would be the minimal crime committed, by say the work a day Joe bureaucrat, who have to know their paycheck is paid with others stolen money. Decision makers have committed far worse crimes.

  3. My feelings are not hurt by your opinion.
    However, without taking away from your
    significant acomplishments, the tactical basis
    of this post is solely a purist perspective, on the
    who, what, where, when, why and how of when
    to fight.
    I wholly disagree that whatever transpires
    in Marietta, or elsewhere, in response to
    the current tidal wave of illegal immigration,
    would be an overwhelming freefor defeat on multiple
    We are well past the point where an open
    and merciless fight should have begun.
    Honestly, it's like we are easily being checked by
    a deaf, blind, retarded mute, who is drunk and
    high on cocaine.
    I have commented repeatedly, that it must
    be an active, evolving, and unrelenting fight
    on numerous fronts(not adventurism), that
    produces tangible results, similar to what you covered
    in your postings about LGOP.
    Without question, whenever America crosses over into
    it's second(hot) civil war, it will be bloody, costly and destructive,
    the likes of which will make the second world war pale in comparison.
    Lastly, if the TOC were fully kitted out and ready to roll, would
    it deploy to Murrietta to record, inform, and truthfully inform the
    public, to counter the traitorous lies of the pandering whores of
    state propaganda.

    1. Ooohhhhhhhhhhh yeah the TOC would be there broadcasting everything to be found and getting it to the web. This is EXACTLY the reason the TOC exists, and why we need members to join the III Percent Society and send donations of gear, cash - so we can get in there and get to work shaming our men and women in our governments who are responsible for this abuse of our republic.

      Deploying that TOC will never be cheap, but this is why we undertook the mission - to get the TRUTH out.

  4. Kerodin,


    If I go to the border it will be with a camera and I will be alone. Just an 'observer' not a participant.
    I agree with you Kerodin that militia's going to the border will be a waste of time, money and resources.

  5. Cavmedic I agree, this thing is far overdue. While i view the flashpoint if SOCAL as a very bad place for freefor, I think it will likely pop off soon. Tensions are high and Fedgov is spoiling. Praying for you folks in Murietta today, give them hell!

  6. My understanding of the Militia deployment to the border is that they are going to protect private property. That is a legitimate case for deployment. Ranchers in the border zone have been under siege for over a decade this is just the latest surge. I agree with the caution in this post. Watch yourself if you go and make sure that you are cognizant of the consequences of your actions. This is big boy rules here guys, the smallest slip up will ripple through the entire environment.
    I however do think that going to the border is something that is needed. The problem is that too many who go will have no freaking clue what to do when they get there. These things have to be planned and a clear mission must be decided upon with cut and dry ROE’s and goals.
    If you cant put that together or more importantly if you do not have a specific location to deploy to then stay home. Odds are you will do more harm than good.


    1. Agreed - going to protect private property, especially property like livestock, ranch equipment, etc, is valid.

      What concerns me most in these events (including Bundy) is that legitimate, solid Militia can't police guys like Davis - a guy who is not good for Team Freedom. He'll end up doing something stupid that hurts us all, unless a few "real" Militiamen put his ass under the corn.

      We've got a LOT of cleaning up to do on our side.

    2. Spot on with that assesment!
      We have guys with good intentions that need to get their stuff squared away before they attempt something like this without adult supervision (good guys). Then we have guys with no clue at best or ill intentions at worst that can do more harm than good. Tough spot to be in.


  7. I feel we are without solution to an immediate problem. Let that problem continue and it compiles other problems. I have no problem and encourage people to head south if they have the means.

    If we don't have a .gov in place that will do its job and enforce the law then someone has to. It's dangerous and possibly reckless. Yet unless we have the numbers to step up and sacrifice themselves we will always be in the grey. If enough stand and fight and take the slander and the bs and being murdered then it comes to light that we are many. And we are strong. And we are ready. And we are not the fringe.

    K I rarely disagree with you but this is one I do. And to be truthful I feel you have been a bit reserved since the launch of III official.

    I may have thoughts that aren't correct or maybe I've twisted your words in my own head. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't speak my mind.


    1. I've been posting less since the launch of the III Society, and the TOC - but my views remain consistent. I've said before - the only way to stop people coming over the border is to shoot them. Shooting unarmed men, women and children is malum in se, plain and simple, especially when they are most likely being force-marched with bayonets at their backs by the evil fucks who run their countries.

      You want the southwest US border closed> >mil could shut it down in 72 hours. If you want .mil to get those orders, your fight is in Washington DC - not with half-starved people being forced across a desert.

      "Commander Davis" and his allies should go K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue if they want the border closed - because that's where the men and women are who have the power to close it, without butchering innocent people.

  8. K...I'll take your post as a response to what I've said. If indirect.

    I do not agree with the slaughter or innocents. But I do agree with protecting our sovereignty. Begs the answer...where does the solution sit? Do you push them back to bring forward the evil pushing them forward and fight? Or do we let them in and face the problems that arise forward? Tough choices tough times.

    These are big questions. And the fact that your approving my comments means something to me. This is a valid discussion.

    If it's a battle we don't choose I can and can't find reasons why so.


    1. The fight isd with 537 elected FedGov officials who ignore their Oath every day and let it happen, and the thousands of state and locals, and all the bureaucrats.

      There is the fight.

  9. What I don't understand is why Gov. Perry has not called up the National Guard?? I also don't see any of the GOP/ Tea Party folks stepping up to the plate. My faith in any elected officials is is as high as Obama's approval rating.

    1. Rob: I think PJB nailed it this morning. hen your enemy is making a mistake, don't interrupt him. ;)

      Here's the link: http://buchanan.org/blog/impeachment-bridge-far-6570

  10. Ringo: You never have to be worried about censored here - we don't do that. You've been nothing but a Gentleman, and if 2 Patriots can't disagree a little here & there, we've got really big problems. I think I have maybe 4 people banned - because they've proven to be douches. You are nowhere near that category. ;)

  11. I appreciate that k...I'll continue to be a part of discussion here but I have little faith in most outside my grouo.

    Most likely a personal issue and I'll work on getting past that.

    I appreciate your response.



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