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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wirecutter: III Percent Society Senior Policy Advisor

Kenny has accepted the responsibility of helping to steer this battleship we've named the III Percent Society, and wrote a piece on it, here.

Thanks, Kenny. 

There is a magic number in Washington DC politics: 3,000.

If you have an organization with 3,000 or more members, politicians and media begin paying attention.  When you look at the daily readers of IIIPercent, WRSA, Wirecutter, DTG, Mason Dixon & Vixen, and others, we can hit that magical 3,000 number easily.  But it takes YOU.  We need YOU to step up and join.  There is no way we can do the work that needs to be done by ourselves.

Here's Wirecutter's piece.

Thanks, Kenny.



  1. Hey Kerodin'


    I was going to hold off for awhile and see how this goes for the iiipercent society but after reading what WIrecutter had to say about it I may rethink that and check on my finances to see where I am at and what I can do.

    On a side note; we have one of those detention camps for illegal alien kids without parents about eight miles from where I live that just opened up.

  2. No Sam, thank YOU.
    I served my Nation already, now I have an opportunity to serve the Republic. I appreciate the faith you and the others have put in me and I pray that I'm able to fulfill my responsibilities to everybody's satisfaction.


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