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Saturday, July 19, 2014

LGoPs: DefCon Status

Where are you and your LGoPs in status regarding leaving home & hearth, meeting on the Town Green and going to work in your AO?

Remember, this is a Google product in the clear, and your answer will be known to the Throne.

I have added a poll at right.

DefCon 1: Let's rock!  I'm ready right now!

DefCon 2: If Bundy had gone hot, I would have gone active in my AO.

DefCon 3: When Bad People come to my neighborhood, I'll go active.

DefCon 4:  We're at least a few years away from me leaving the porch.

Qualifier on DefCon 1: NORAD says DefCon 1 signals nuclear war is imminent.  I think most of us would agree that Bad Things are imminent - so for DefCon 1 the question option is really: I'm ready to go in my AO as soon as I see some of you bastards go first in your AOs.



  1. Free Citizen here in SW Okla. We are pretty well ready to go. Two of us are 100% disabled but able to provide security, just not a LRRP. Put us down as between a 3 and 2.

  2. I put down #3 but after thinking about it I would have to say if things went hot with Bundy ready or not I think everyone would be at #1.

  3. #4. Let the feds go first. They win if they manipulate you into jumping first.

  4. "Let the feds go first"... They already have; repeatedly. OPFOR is inside your wire, yet you think you still have time for some nice, hot soup?
    All I can say is, "may your chains rest lightly..."

    1. B.I.N.G.O.

      Why does everyone think the prison system is privatizing and so many sit empty, ready for warm bodies and FedGov checks to the owner for every body inserted? Those are the mystical FEMA Camps - out in plain sight.



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