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Friday, July 18, 2014

Political Insight: Local Official: Feds Drop 'Unknown Number' of Illegal Kids in VA County Without Warning

Punishment.  That is at least part of what the immigration SNAFU is about.

There are many counties in the DC metro area.  A bunch of illegals were just dumped in Prince William County, a rural (becoming suburbanized) Right-leaning, anti-immigration county.

Do you remember when they closed a lot of car dealers, and we discovered the Republican donors were the ones shut, while most Dem donor dealerships were allowed to remain open?

Political punishment.

Personalized politics.

The definition of WRoL and Tyranny.  Who you know, not what you know...

That is part of what is happening.

Here's a piece that skims the surface, but doesn't connect the dots.



  1. When are the governors of these States going to grow some balls and load up the illegals on a bus and have them dropped at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
    It's the perfect opportunity to have the media on hand to let Obama know that the People of that State don't want them and to remind the POS president that the governor works for his constituents and not the president.
    Jan Brewer and Bobby Jindahl come to mind here.

  2. I would'nt hold my breath on McAuliffe doing anything of that sort. He's been taking pages out of Obama's book in regard to overstepping his authority.

    Fortunately, we have enough state legislators that will stand up to him who have headed him off at the pass.


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