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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I've spent considerable time over the last few days perusing the USMC and US Army Combatives courses, and how they may be adaptable by Militia or other Patriots.

I've come to the same conclusion I have held for years: The Corps' MCMAP program and the Army MACP programs are solid, stand-alone systems that will bring your team up and more capable on the force continuum if trained regularly and properly.  2 hours a week is not sufficient for ANY combatives program.

There is one case in which I would recommend the Army MACP program over the MCMAP - that is if you have access to SOCP - the Army's Special Operations Combatives Program.  SOCP requires a firm, solid foundation in MACP before you can even begin, but if you have access to SOCP, then I recommend you adopt MACP for your team.

But my original counsel still holds: Six months of real work in a Krav Maga studio will do more to make you ready for buckle-to-buckle fights than anything else.  As several of you wrote in email: Most of you never faced any real risk of capture in the mid-east theaters because of how, when and where you operated. 

If you have been through my Fight to your Weapon class, you know I don't believe in proportional response - I teach techniques that break people up, fast, while presenting you the opportunity to get a weapon into action and end the fight.  What may surprise more of you, knowing I have considerable groundfighting background, I am not pleased with the emphasis placed on groundfighting for combat troops.  The mere notion of going to the ground with an enemy in a desert setting, where there may be zero obstacles, knowing I will be looking to end this fight with a submission is bone-chilling.  The thought of some VC springing up from a jungle floor 3 feet in front of me, having been trained so heavily to go to the ground, would induce night-terrors.  Can you imagine trying to grapple even one guy who just popped up feet away, while in full kit, unable to use your rifle, or get your sidearms into play?  How much undergrowth on the jungle floor would catch on your gear and ruin your day?

F that.  From what I see both the MCAP and MCMAP programs introduce the concept of fighting in full kit, but only once you make it to SOCP do you train heavily in full gear - and how many soldiers will ever make it to SOCP?

For the life I live and my anticipated role that I will play in RevWarIII, I am 100% content with my Aiki, BJJ and Vo Binh Dinh background.  I would not change one bit of my background.  But I am NOT going to be runnin' & gunnin' as part of a Fire Team. 

If you are going to be part of a Team that will be risking capture - and knowing that capture is an unacceptable option - I would very strongly recommend that six months in Krav, then  several hours each week of old-school Fairbairn, Sykes & Applegate.  (Sadly, this trio is often given the shortcut of FSA or FAS - I go with FAS)  These are WWII combatives, in which Fairbairn & Sykes trained US and British commandos, and Bill Donovan tapped Rex Applegate to teach OSS how to kill people.  His book "Kill or get Killed" is still considered one of the best Combatives books ever printed.  Colonel Applegate trained his OSS Warriors not far from here, at a place now called Camp David.  The Camp David training grounds were known within OSS as "The School for Spies and Assassins".

WWII Combatives relied on speed, surprise, and overwhelming violence.  They were not teaching WWII recruits how to arrest anyone.  They were not teaching chokes so the enemy could wake up in 30 seconds.  They were not playing.  You've seen some of this in my Fight to your Weapon class - some techniques have only 1 purpose - to give you the time needed to pull a pistol or knife and kill the enemy.

The current .mil programs are brilliant - in the right environment.

If you are anticipating that your candid exchange of political views may be done at suddenly buckle-to-buckle range, especially where you and/or your Team may be outnumbered, keep the groundfighting for very special circumstances.  Spend more time on getting your blade and pistol into play and in proper position.  Spend more time learning to keep that rifle ready to rock.  Spend more time working on Team skills.

America is not going to vote Her way out of our current problems.

Americans are not going to grapple their way to Liberty.

Consider how, when and what positions you will most likely play in the coming sadness.

Train now, while you can.

I am considering a training program along the lines "Train the Trainer".  Graduates would be approved to teach my program.  You can teach people free, or you can charge a fee - I'm a Free Markets guy.  If such a program holds any interest for you or your Tribe - especially you Militiamen, drop me an email: K@Kerodin.com 

III Percent Society, here.

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