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Thursday, August 14, 2014

KTVI reports that Chief Jackson left the area when the protesters invaded the news conference...

**UPDATE from Sandman**  Sandman sent this map that has 300-mile circles in place.

Are you in a safe place from where the Hordes may roam when sprawling outward? 

Thanks, Dave.


Every major metropolitan area in America will become a slaughter zone - and you can't find one example across the nation that is run by people who believe in Rightful Liberty.

Ferguson, Missouri is within the St. Louis beltway, the highway encircling the city, but it is as far north and almost as far west as one can get inside that highway ring.  It has a population (2010) of about 21,000, fewer than 9,000 households, and demographics of about 2/3 Black and 1/3 White - personally I'd bet 80% or more of those households are of the parasite class.

Such a small community within the larger St. Louis Metropolitan Area is able to stretch the resources of local LEO to the breaking point - and the residents have not even shown up with 2A in-hand - yet.

Go to a map and find Ferguson.  Look at all the other communities inside that highway loop - and imagine what happens when they all go hot.  Yes, St. Louis would quickly become what we Americans usually associate with war zones in Third World countries.  And every single major metro area in America is a carbon copy.

Now for a fun exercise.  The average car/truck in America will get you about 300 miles per tank of fuel.  Cut it in half so you can get home.  What the hell, shave 25% off that range just for giggles.  150 miles shaved by 25% is 112.5 miles.  Now, draw a circle of 112.5 miles around the center of every major metro in the country.

Are you in any of those circles?  Does the stuff you use/need to live every day reside in or get exported from within any of those circles?  If so, do you, RIGHT NOW, have the manpower to keep what you've got and get what you need from within those circles, on a continuing basis, when every city in America looks like Ferguson, Missouri right now?  How many products will stop being produced within those circles - including power, pharma, food, etc?  I know for a FACT if you go 112.5 miles in any direction from the center of DC, you are covering a LOT of farmland, a LOT of meat production, and ALL of the seafood harvest from Chesapeake Bay.

Please don't lie to yourself that you can exist in those zones if it goes hot.  The hordes will scorch the Earth until they run dry of low-hanging fruit and begin to die of disease & famine.

FedGov can't secure those areas.  Local/State LEO can't secure that much ground, no matter how many MRAPs they have.  Hell, the Police Chief from Ferguson can't even hold one of his own fire houses from unarmed Black Panthers in a news conference.

In case anyone missed the announcement: RevWarIII has already begun, and you are watching it live...



  1. email sent with dead zones mapped.

  2. NYC live feed link: new.livestream.com/accounts/124908/events/3277196
    It's getting hot at that one.
    It appears that the Ferguson PD has passed the torch to NYPD tonight.

  3. The farther you are from the metro areas, the better off you are. They will loot the closer areas first, and eventually (fairly quickly) run out of fuel to resupply.

    112 miles is a nice number. But if you are 60 or more miles from the metro areas, you are likely safe. As safe as anyone will be.

    1. Best laugh of the night; thanks. If you drive 60 miles north of Detroit, you'll be in Flint!

  4. Some of the areas have only dirt roads, as B said the farther one gets from a major area, the safety factor goes up. Most of the sheeple wouldn't venture farther than 10 miles outside of Spokanistan anyway, there's snakes and bears in the woods, ya know. ;)

    On a related note, "officer" Darren Wilson is the smurf that shot the young man.

  5. Y'all are forgetting that even an exodus out of the major metro areas might not be met with open arms by the locals, even if you have property or connecdtions there.....being outsiders and alll. This is where timing of GOOD will come in as a critical component. GOOD 1 day past optimum time and the retreat area will be locked up by the locals.....just sayin'

    1. It'll be alright; just bring something valuable to trade. Most of the folk around here are lucky, since they carry the value with them...in their brains. Course, that's not to imply that various supplies would hurt either.

  6. This is strange but I do live outside one of the 'critical' areas by design - specifically we are for the most part outside of the 'lines of drift'. On the down side, we are a very small (but tightly knit) community and it might be/will be hard to defend this out of the way place. Hopefully, 'they' will kill themselves off before trying to escape their very own shit holes - would be willing to finish off the last ones showing up here.

  7. I'm inside the Spokane zone - but well off the path of where any horde would travel. And if they did head our way, a few guys on just 3 roads will put an end to that nonsense.


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