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Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams: Another good Commie...

Rest in pieces.

Fuckin' Commie Libtard.

May his behavior go viral and start a trend...



  1. I'm guessing auto-erotic asphyxiation as in his movie "World's Greatest Dad."

    Funny and talented, but what a fucking freak...

    Apparently he slipped more into darkness as he got older and more drug addled.

  2. No Zoomie , He was ALWAYS a major freak, and one of the worst enemy's Gun owners and freedom lovers had. His little known "causes" included The PLO , Hamas, MDA, SPLC, The VPC, The Brady bunch, The American communist party(he was a dews paying member), Late term abortion on demand, radical global population reduction, ELF and HUNDREDS of "other causes" This person was far and away more dangerous and far more anti-gun and anti freedom than Bloomberg OR "the Michigan fat boy". So why EXACTLY is everybody upset about the suicide of a radical communist junkie?---Ray

    1. Any idea where I could find proof of him being a cpusa memeber? I know all the other bullshit us true. People tend to distance themselves from a commie, but some how tend to overlook all the sgendas they push.

  3. A coward he was, funny at times at others expense. They always want to be loved, they never wish to really live a life of true virtue. Call it a value judgement!

  4. You people are scum. The lowest form of scum. Hell, scum is better than you.

    1. Someone posted a link saying that this site had some of the most disgustingly ignorant cunts in the world on it. They were right. Fucking wankers. For all your hate and ignorance you're still a minority and I have hope for the future. Viva gun control, fucktards

    2. I posted your second only because my audience enjoys being reminded why the gene pool must get cleansed.

      Please, please Anon - climb upon the pyre as it burns and be with your Commie friend.

      Hell, I'll even call YOU a Good Commie, then...

      No more posting without a name, silly rabbit.

      Na-nu Na-nu.

    3. That's some funny stuff, anon. Did you know that when a person writes words about others, he doesn't transform those others? It's sorta like saying, "Viva gun control" in this crowd. Everyone here knows you're really saying, "I'm scared. Someone do something to make me feel better." Always someone else, isn't it?

      OTOH any writer says a ton about himself. Can't be helped, no matter what he writes. Now take a look at what you wrote, and see how you shared who you are. It ain't a pretty picture, huh?

      You don't have to sleep with that. You can be better.


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