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Monday, August 11, 2014

Die Well or Shit the Bed - Your Choice...

I have few illusions remaining in life. 

I know I will not peacefully die as an old man in a feathered bed, surrounded by family and friends.

Today I seek to muster, to raise awareness, to get good people off the line of attack.  I work to provide opportunities for people to become self-sufficient so that when the world goes to shit, and it is going to shit right fucking now, they will have a chance to leave something on the table for posterity aside from Slavery.  So they can contribute to the fight.  But every man and woman must carry his own weight.

All I can ever do as a Man is walk my own path.  If you wish to walk the same direction and respect Rightful Liberty, you may walk with me for a day, a month, years, or for whatever time I have remaining on this rock.  As many of you older SF Vets have heard before: I will not do it for you, but I'll do it with you.

A few posts down I noted that the individuals in the Pride of lions will change, but the Pride continues on in time - provided every member of the Pride pulls his weight and plays his position.  The names and faces in FreeFor will change.  Roles will change.

Today I am alive and I am working hard on several fronts of this polygonal battlespace to ensure the best possible outcome for Liberty.  I can't do it alone.  I can't work with quitters, I refuse to work with liars and people who are inept, and I have zero space in my life for petty drama. 

And one day, I will be gone.  Probably sooner than you.

I hope the smarter among you are already looking for someone to take over my current responsibilities.  Maybe one of you will step forward and pick up the rope.   Those responsibilities to Liberty are far more extensive than you have seen, or ever will see, on this blog.  I've found most people are terrified of truly embracing Liberty and Freedom.  The moment the real thing shows up, the opportunity to shed the security of their Masters' chains, they shit the bed and they cling to what they know and have, just as a baby clings to a woobie. 

The Pride must continue.  The Legacy, the Tribe, call it what you will.

I have not trained my entire life to die an old man in a feathered bed.

I have not trained my entire life to walk with or carry those who shit their own beds.

I'm walking this way.  I'm headed for Rightful Liberty.  Join me if you wish.  This is one helluva piece of bad road.  Join me if you are sincere and if you choose to do so.

But don't waste my motherfucking time.

III Percent Society for America, here.

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  1. Hello Kerodin....a strong message and only a few will take this challenge, ........most will die in quiet desperation!...screw that!


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