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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The RoE has changed with LEO

Murder is in the playbook, without being penalized.

Citizens are emboldened - daring LEO to shoot.  LEO obliges.

Watch the video, here.

Don't watch if you are squeamish - you'll see a man die.



  1. A St. Louis County officer who had been assigned to the streets of Ferguson has been suspended after a Youtube video of him making incendiary comments surfaced.

    The video of officer Dan Page was apparently made in 2012 before a group called the Oath Keepers of St. Louis and St. Charles. It is unclear where it was shot. Glendale officer Matthew Pappert was also suspended after posting on social media that he thought the Ferguson protesters should be "put down like rabid dogs."
    Among Page's rambling comments in the hour-long video:

    • "Muslims are passive until they gain parity with you or they exceed you in numbers and they will kill you."

    • "Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill won't even talk to me. They say 'You're an extremist.' I say amen. OK. And I'm real good with a rifle. My best shot is at 1,875 meters. I got me a gold star on that one. That's a fact. You run from me you will die tired. I'm dead serious, folks."

    • "I personally believe in Jesus Christ as my lord savior, but I'm also a killer. I’ve killed a lot. And if I need to, I'll kill a whole bunch more. If you don't want to get killed, don't show up in front of me, it's that simple. I have no problem with it. God did not raise me to be a coward," he said before warning the audience that he believes the government will put kids in indoctrination camps.
    • "I'm into diversity. I kill everybody, I don't care."

    Stewie and Mikey have yet to comment.

  2. Here's a link with the video.


    For those that still doubt the perspective of the po-po, this is it. Remember Jose Guerena?


    Still waiting on Stewie and Mikey.


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