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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

UPDATE: High School Student Suspended For Saying 'Bless You' After Classmate Sneezed...

I hope everyone understands that this level of Stupid can't be fixed. It can't be saved, reasoned with, or even tucked away where it can do no harm.

It must be extirpated.

'We're Not Going To Have Godly Speaking'...



  1. Its gonna be REALY hard to know who these people are when the shtf and I for one am not about to let these certain people continue to brain screw our newest generations .

  2. Here's another idiot liberal bowel movement....a boy was suspended from school because one of his teachers saw he posted on Farcebook that he killed his neighbor's pet dinosaur and he bought a gun to do the job.

    I guess the teacher must have missed class the day that they taught dinosaurs were extinct. Oh, wait, maybe she was just having a libtard seizure when she read the word "gun".

    Fellow Patriots, these are our fellow Americans. Say a prayer and pass the ammo....say the prayer quietly though....don't want to hurt anyone's wittle wibtawd feewings...besides, if you're a conservative of ANY ilk, you are not allowed any opinions, let alone Rights, only the Communist/Fascist SCUM of this country are allowed those.

  3. i disagree with the premise that 'stupid' cannot be fixed with duct tape.
    it actually only takes 3' of duct tape to fix stupid:
    2.5' to bind the hands, 3" over the nose, 6" over the mouth.
    stupid is fixed.


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