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Monday, September 8, 2014

Matt Bracken offering Anthology free for a few days

Details, here.


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  1. I'm going to commit the unthinkable here by stating I'm tired of reading SHTF books. I have noticed that recently when I do read them I have an upswing of anxiety. It also seems as if the books are getting more violent. Yeah, I know it will not be so peachy keen when the event happens, but krikies, I can watch the news to get my fill of death, rape, and destruction. Sure, a person might be able to learn something here and there, but I think the reality of it is this. If and When IT happens, we all are going to have to deal with it right where we are. Period. You only have 3 weeks of food storage because you either didn't get it done or you used it and didn't replace it, then that is what you have. You put off getting new boots and now all you have are worn out ones, so be it, it is what you have. Winter is coming, you won't need those toes. You only have 600 rnds of ammo for your one gun, start collecting rocks for the sling shot you are going to have to make. No tribe, prepare to be hard pressed to survive. Nothing against Matt Bracken, really. It's just that there are enough pressures on those of us that think about this stuff already, that quite frankly, it can suck the joy out of life if you let it overwhelm you. A good friend and I discuss how it is very hard having one foot in preparation for SHTF and one foot in our "real" life. So I propose we all keep our eyes on what might happen, prepare steadily and with purpose, but also keep in mind the many joys in our life that we have RIGHT NOW, IN THE MOMENT, and enjoy and savor them. I have decided in order for me to do that, I am not going to read these types of books anymore. They have ceased being entertainment and have become prophecy. I think I'll stick to the dry boring stuff like preparing for radiation contamination or medical quarantine. Things I can do with a purpose instead of trying to prepare for every single thing the bad guys might throw at me. No one can ever cover all the things that might happen, so prepare for what you can and resolve in your heart that if you're in a situation that is not going to end well for you, go down fighting. Really. That's all you can do.


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