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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why Does Vlad Want Ukraine?

It only takes one or two slow-wits to ruin a bushel.

Here is why Vlad is taking Ukraine, in bulleted points so I can avoid a long discussion:
  • NATO is poking the Bear, and the Bear doesn't like being poked
  • Novorossiya - Ukraine and Russia have a history together that is none of our business
  • Ukraine is the "Breadbasket of Europe".  Control the food and you control much, much more - and if you are Russia and you don't control the breadbasket in Ukraine, you have hungry Russians....
  • Black Sea - The Kremlin refuses to be shut out of the Black Sea for serious military reasons
If you need more reasons than those listed - they exist.  But the above are the big and immediate ones.  Go do your homework if it matters to you.

We could add "World Domination" to the list, but that would just be silly, overly-simplistic nonsense for an old spy pulp.  Heh...

Here's PJB on the matter.


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  1. But, but they're the bad guys and we're the good aren't we...........?


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