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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ruh-Roh, Raggy...

I know Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant - well.

We will not discuss what local teenagers may or may not have done in the area 25 or 30 years ago.

We won't discuss fishing just offshore on the bay (it's easier than the rest of the Bay - the fish glow...  ;)

But when you get Red Teamed by reporters more than a decade after 9/11 and they don't even meet a Security person, I suspect personnel changes are coming.

Oh, wait - nevermind.  I Red Teamed those same security Contractors (at other locations) more than a decade ago, and all I got for it was a camping trip to Pennsylvania.  That company, and others like it, will continue to get paid for ineptitude because they pay the right people in .gov...

Here's the story.


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  1. Isn't there a natural gas terminal just a mile away in Lusby also? Pressurized, explosive gases close to a nuclear power plant. Yeah that's safe!


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