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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Much is made of securing your communications, whether on the phone, radios, email, sneaky-squirrel stuff online, et cetera.  I'm not going to knock it.  If you have the time to learn how to make your email to Auntie Joan, who lives across the country, more secure, go for it.  WRSA links to a good site for such things, here.

A question only you can answer: Are you properly prioritizing the skills you need to learn?  Spending time trying to learn about muffler bearings when you still can't point-shoot a paper plate at 20 feet or you haven't earned your HAM ticket and learned to use the radio, or you can't sneak up on your own dog in the house may be clues you need to check your To-Do list.

The ability to give your neighbor a loaf of fresh bread is worth more than most other skills on the To-Do list.

Most of us agree that a straight-up counter force approach to Enemies of Liberty is a silly strategy.  They have bigger guns, more of them, more ammo, and almost every other advantage in that battlespace.  The same can be said for long-range comms, the internet, and several other pieces of the field.  Bill Nye coined Local, Local, Local for a reason, and it is a reason with which most of us agree: Any fight is going to be local.  Small pieces of Earth populated by small numbers of people who make up your AO.

Your local intelligence network is local.  Sally at the diner.  Tom at the auto parts place.  Jim who drives for UPS.  Are you networking with people who actually live in your AO?  Or are you playing spy games with people who live 1,000 miles away?  With those locals you have formed tighter bonds to and looped into "Tribe", however you define that term, have you practiced dead drops?  Have you distributed OTPs?  Have you practiced good, old-fashioned team skills like following Mister X as he walks or drives in your AO?

It has been said, and it is true, that OpFor infiltrates Bad People into Tribes.  Depending on who you are and other circumstances, at some point, that OpFor Agent, whether it is Sally at the diner who you know only casually, or a trusted confidant, may go hostile against you.  What if Sally pulls a pistol from her apron instead of her order pad one morning, surprising you, planning to arrest you?  What if a member of your inner-circle clears leather while standing in your own kitchen with the intent of putting your brains on your refrigerator?

Focus on reality and the most likely scenarios, train for them, get good at it.  Walk as far down each training avenue as you deem necessary - but don't try to become an expert in all things - it can't be done and leaves you vulnerable to easy attacks.

Leave the reindeer games to the reindeer. 

III Percent Society, here.


  1. That post is spot on and IS reality, but I think I spotted a subliminal message in there...something concerning dead-drops and fresh baked bread....;-)

    1. Who says we need elaborate codes and ciphers. ;)

    2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deposit 2 kilos of crack (-er jacks) behind the third tree past Mr. Wilson's old barn - the one that used to be there, not the new one. When delivery has been made, make an X on the mailbox on the corner of Center and 9th.

      This message will self-destruct in 5...4...3...

    3. Rodger that, Jimmy cracked caramel corn and we don't care. ROFLOL!

  2. That's what I've never understood and maybe I'm just stooopid but why worry about the big things when the small things aren't in order...I think its because people see the big things as more exciting to think about and it doesn't require much effort on their part since they really can only bitch about it...The small things take more of an effort and if they bitch about it they only have themselves to blame not some far away entity... We as a community get so worked up about what our neighbor is doing but our front porch is a mess and no telling what our living room looks like...I don't know if I'm correct about this but MissV are you the one that wants to get together for a BBQ sometime?...

    1. Yeah Lineman, that is me, although I think our good weather might be going south on us soon. I know it would be a bit of a drive for you and that is not cheap! Hopefully one day we can all get together.

      Some of the Tribe that is here got together this last weekend. Grilled salmon and pork chops, corn on the cob, zucchini & mushrooms, stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapenos. We used a flatbed trailer for a table and enjoyed each others company. It was a good day, wish all of you were there.

  3. Ahhh your making me drool;)...Less than 3hrs from you so let me know next time you have one and we will do our best to be there...


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