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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stupid or the calculated beginning of the next Human Genocide...

NATO Countries
The announcement that NATO is considering a "Fast Reaction Force" that is meant to intimidate Vlad was met with a realistic quip from the former KGB Colonel: "I can take Kiev in two weeks, any time I choose."

Two weeks is allowing his guys to walk as they invade, at a leisurely pace.  Ukraine could not slow the Bear if he chose to take it.  He knows it.  NATO knows it.  1600 Pennsylvania knows it.

On its face this would appear to be yet another blunder by the West to seek to intimidate Russia, stumbling us into conflict that may escalate to the brink of WWIII.

First: Everyone in the middle-management levels of .Govs and .mils and NGOs everywhere actually believe the drama and hype.  There is no mass conspiracy into which they are read-in.  They believe it.  They have to buy into the façade for the feints and propaganda to work.

But like WWII in Japan, when we embargoed them and pushed them into the fight, so now will NATO be used as a stick to start the next global genocide, with two primary purposes.  Do not be fooled for even a moment - WWIII is underway, and it is deliberate.

One: The wealth of the planet has, essentially, been stolen and that act must be concealed by misdirection.  If you are scrounging for breadcrumbs or penicillin, you probably won't be taking heads at Versailles.

Two: There does exist a shared worldview among a minority of people in every part of the world that Communism, in whatever flavor, under whatever label, is the goal.  I won't call it a conspiracy, because that word connotes cigar-filled back rooms with brandy in a glass and Brandi on the lap as old men plot the course of your life.  It is less organized than that - it is a shared belief and goal, and people in all corners of the world, at all levels of the socio-economic spectrum, work toward that goal.  Shared worldview is the proper descriptor.

Three: One and Two do not matter.  Every single one of those fuckers deserves to have their heads chopped the fuck off for the infringements and liberties they have taken, will take, and believe is their right to take.  Remember their names and faces. 


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  1. 4,000 NATO troops? What a joke, as they would be brushed aside as a mosquito, if Russia did indeed invade. At least the PI troops said stick it to them and rightly so.


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