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Thursday, September 18, 2014

This is why there is only one means for Rightful Liberty to ascend...

The Stupid is too entrenched in our society for Liberty to ever be restored by logic or reason or voting.

2/3 of Americans can't name the three branches of FedGov.

Trying to change the fundamentals in our society that have led to this mind-blowing status is simply not possible - and these people are breeding.

Extirpate.  Not exterminate.  Not educate.  They can't be "fixed".  The only option is to be rid of these people, and to shed the dead weight these people impose upon the rest of us.  We must separate from them.  Their very presence makes it impossible for the rest of us to live in a state of Freedom.

They need to be encouraged to live elsewhere, leaving CONUS to real Americans who desire - and are capable of handling the responsibility of - genuine Liberty.

You and I debating the superiority of secession versus the Constitution versus anarchy doesn't do a single thing to resolve our base problem.  If we put our energy into convincing the stupid people to leave, the details of Liberty will take care of themselves.

In the face of extinction, which is inevitable at current course and speed, insisting that these people leave is not morally wrong.  In the face of extinction, which means you and I and our posterity will die if we permit the current paradigm to prevail, justifies the insistence that other countries that share vast quantities of Stupid, by choice, accept those who will be leaving our shores.  Countries that grumble about taking delivery of our rejects may be convinced to be more accommodating - by whatever means necessary.  Natural Law supports our bid to survive.

You and I are under no obligation to suffer because we are surrounded by stupid people.

We can, and we should, evict them.  Time is short.  If we allow such levels of Stupid to reign in our country for even one more generation, any chance of wide-spread Liberty in America will be lost.

Given the observations I have made during my life, I can't see it happening.  We are too few in numbers.  We are too tolerant.  As a group, we are too good-natured to do it.  We are committing suicide by standing by as this happens.  We see it, we understand what is happening in our lives because of the pervasive Stupid surrounding us.  But we remain idle as a group, and what activity there is doesn't appear to be effective to accomplish the simple goal of ridding ourselves of stupid people.

Defeatist?  No.  Realist.

Should you and I simply surrender to the inevitable, sign up for EBTs and just coast until we are older, then die? 

Of course not.  That's not how we are wired.  We will continue, straight through what appears will be another Necessary Fail.  What happens then?

Hell if I know.

At this point, perhaps all we can define as "victory" will be to die before all Liberty does.

Keep swinging.  Don't quit.  But don't lie to yourself, either.

We're fooked.  Here's the link.

Vix examines a bit of the Stupid of which I write, here.



  1. Since we know that it is possible to convince the great unwashed to vote for something like Obama's 'Hope and Change' world, it should be feasible to convince them to get back to their 'Roots' by moving to a place such as Liberia. It's a wonderful English speaking country with fabulous weather year round. Make sure everyone understands that all of life's comforts are provided, including a one-way ticket 'first class of course.' It's a nice thought but they are not going to leave by their own volition, only it they are refugees from war or disaster, will they flee in mass. The next great step for America, will come at a great cost to Americans.

    1. We can get the herds and hordes of the Parasite Class to start moving, then funnel them out. It won't be a quick process, and the catalyst must be significant. A few hiccups on Wall Street that inflicts purple nurples on those who don't contribute would be a great motivator to help paint the picture that the grass is greener in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

      Then, as you say, give them a ticket out of town, let them take their assets, and then never allow them back into the country.

      One thing ISIS has correct is the set of options they present to their enemies: Convert, leave, or die...

  2. Ah, but there is the rub ED. Who would pay for this one way trip to paradise? TPTB are not going to part with any of their stolen treasure from us to fund a project that would ship out their voting base.

    We are stuck here, in this country, time, and place of history to wrestle with the nostalgia and deep,deep sadness of what our country was/should be and we have to live with the knowledge it is being strangled and tortured slowly by the Serial Killer of liberty, individualism, and freedom...government. Government with all it's soldiers of stupid people who can't take care of themselves and look to government to do that for them. Pathetic, stupid, people who would rather have everything taken care of for them, even if they can barely reach the table to eat from the great government bounty, because their chains prevent them from going to far...

    Yes, there will be a great cost to Americans. Those of us who resist and fight back will probably be eradicated, but the pent up rage and helplessness that we feel as we watch our county being drawn and quartered by the Serial Killer will burn hot and bright before they kill us and it will be a terrible and fierce fight.

    Will it be an all out battle, complete with revolution? Perhaps a slow, drawn out death via laws, economic collapse, etc. Who knows. I grow weary of it all. I have accepted and mourned the death of our Republic. We have to get past that and take on a new persona...one of persistence. One of vigilance, of ADAPTABILITY. That, is how we survive.

    Well, it seems I'm a bit morose this morning...apologies...someone must have put something in my tea....

  3. Last week in a discussion with my liberal sister in law, she claimed that she could not support Hillary Clinton. Oh and why is that I asked? Because of her connection with Monsanto.... Well that's great I proclaimed..What about Benghazi? I asked? What's a Benghazi? She asked.I know, that's cute right? Not really, She has just completed her dissertation...She will receive her Doctrines degree in "Dept Physiology" in a few months. We are indeed FOOKED!

  4. It is said that when God wants to change the world, He sends a baby - perfectly timed to grow, learn, prepare and take action at the right moment.
    But there are times when one baby won't suffice, when the challenges facing the world are just too great; and so instead of a great reformer or a few key thinkers,what is needed is a whole generation of leaders.
    This happened in the sixth century B.C., and in the first decade of the common era, then again in the American founding generation.
    When the world is broken, a generation is born.
    We believe it is happening again today…..

    From Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens

    We’re only FOOKED if WE give up!
    If not now, when? If not us, who?
    Not for us, but for our posterity.
    No quarter asked, and never given!
    There will always be a remnant.

  5. The old saying that I'm surrounded by morons is no joke anymore.
    Just observing the people I work with has convinced me of that.
    The illiteracy that I see alone scares the bejeesus out of me.
    Guys 40, 45, 50 and my age that can't even spell third grade words.
    It's amazing and the best part are the ones in positions of authority!

    I can only imagine what has come behind us and now they have this common core crap

    George Carlin was right when he said that the Oligarchy only wants people just smart enough to push the buttons and run the machines.

    I even have people that have been at this place for twenty years and still can't do that right.
    There is no hope when that is what predominates the population of this country.
    It's no surprise to me that they came out with Velcro shoe fasteners, people are too stupid to tie their own shoes anymore, let alone pay attention to what their government is doing.


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