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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Two Pennsylvania State Troopers Ambushed in Sniper Attack...?

Image: Butch Comegys/The Scranton Times-Tribune via Associated Press
**Update**  See comments section.  Hotlink, here.

Stepping off the porch may qualify, in a limited manner.  Off his meds may be part of it.  No indication of retaliation for any specific act.



Here's the link.

Aside: Note the cammies being worn in the image.



  1. Someone has decided to go to war, both feet off the porch. And the thing is, it's not surprising at all.....

  2. They are looking for mashed grass/ leaves/dirt. They are HOPING for spent brass/ finger prints/ DNA/foot prints. More than anything else they need to be SEEN to be "doing something" , cause right now the only thing they "have" is whatever the Doc's dug out--until the next time, and that is what THEY dread ,and what 4G warfare brings to the table. Right now the cops are making enemy's among the "locals" , "let us not interrupt our enemy while he makes mistakes" The next few weeks will tell the tail on whether this was vendetta or warfare.

  3. Chris Dorner did it. Cammies look like woodland on one and multi-cam on the other

  4. I would like to know if the dead cop was involved in any thuggish behavior in Philadelphia.

    1. Agreed. We have no idea regarding motive from what I have read. But also from what I have read - the shooter did everything by the book - no brass left behind, infil & exfil done in such a manner that no roadside cameras or cell tower pings hit on a vehicle or phone they could tie to a "person of interest".

      As stated above - could be retaliation, could also be a guy who decided to leave the porch.

      The silence surrounding the case is deafening, too...

    2. Don't forget choice of target. A rather remote barracks. That might indicate left the porch. Might have been a little research done there.

  5. What would Henry Bowman do?

  6. Seems the Eye of Sauron found what it was looking for:

    Police say shell casings found at suspect Eric Frein's home in Canadensis, Pa., match those found at scene of Pennsylvania State Police barracks shooting

    Police say 'intensive manhunt underway' for suspect in Pennsylvania State Police barracks shooting, Eric Frein

    Eric Matthew Frein, 31, named as suspect in attack on Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Pike County, Pa.

    Police on Pennsylvania State Police barracks shooting suspect: 'He has been described as a survivalist. He has made statements about wanting to kill law enforcement officers and also about wanting to commit mass acts of murder' - @NBCNews

    Read more on nbcnews.com

  7. It appears incompetence abounds on both sides. If the NBC story is to be believed, the suspect left a vehicle in the drink quite close to the action scene - without bothering to gather his ID and other damning evidence. Meanwhile, the massive police search completely overlooked the vehicle and it took a dog walker to find it and call it in. What else can be learned from this tutorial?


  8. The whole story stinks. Can't believe anything coming out of Izvestia/Pravda.

  9. I don't remember anything about shell casings being found at the scene in any previous reports, but now they say that there were casings at the scene? What if there weren't. What if the first shell casing they found was in the truck and they matched that to ones found in his home. They would match, of course. So they tie the truck to his residence and him, but aren't really able to tie HIM to the shooting. The casings "found at the scene" bothers me...

  10. would anyone in full possession of one's faculties having planned such a caper leave such damning "evidence" behind to be so easily found?

    What am I missing here...? More importantly, who would paint a target on this guy and why?

    I'm guessing he will be portrayed as a "doomsdayer", off his meds(and quite possibly he is) with too many guns and his military father will be partially to blame for teaching him to shoot... hence, guns are bad, bad things to be taken from everyone...

    as the media whips up the anti-gun frenzy, the truth of the event and causes will be twisted and distorted beyond recognition through the LSM...

  11. Could have been worse…….. there were no accusations of a skinning and the perpetrator wearing the hide. A tooth or ear necklace is always sweet.

    Bill Nye

  12. Well this is a kick: The Po-Po now claim to have found evidence of "contact with foreign embassy's" and "foreign military training"and "ties to militia terror groups" at least one congress critter is calling this a "wide ranging domestic terror cell" and calling for "emergency executive action" to "disarm the militias". My favorite news story today however included a photo of an M-1A scout carbine labeled as an "AK-47 type terror weapon". I'm amazed they didn't include photos of guys with III% patches selling Heroin in school yards. This whole story is getting WAY to perfect this close to a November election that the Dimocrats have NO chance of "winning" and yet MORE Mideast war that nobody wants.

  13. The Pocono Record is showing pics of him at the HIgh School gun range, and mentioned twice he was on the rifle team. guess we know whee this is going.

  14. I'm glad to see other people at least questioning this as well. This seems too good to br true for them. A nice "homegrown terrorist" to start whipping up a frenzy with. "Survivalists" and "preppers" etc. distancing themselves from this guy immediately without question or even hesitation. Sounds like a run up to something. This guy is still on the loose 3 days later.

  15. I Kinda feel that this guy will be found under a bush with a bullet in his brain, and no clear "time of death". I wouldn't be at all dismayed if they found that his guns ALL had multiple unsolved shooting on them--This is starting to look more like Adam Lanza by the day.

  16. There is no doubt whatsoever that this guy is the perp. My God, a FLAHLIGHT was found in his Jeep (I should say his parents Jeep) along with CAMOUFLAGE FACE PAINT!


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