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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1) Artist Needed & 2) This is why we do not high-kick in a real fight...

Cock Punch
Yes, please bring the high kicks. 

New topic -

Artist needed:

I need a patch created from one (or both if you're sporty) of these images.  The graphic style should be bold strokes, not fine detail - the message has to be understood on an embroidered patch about 4" round (or rectangle).  Even the line art image above is more detailed than needed. 

Here are the images I'd like you artsy folks to work with:

You can crop them, drop superfluous detail, add "swoosh" streaks that indicate which way the palm strike is headed, or indicates the plunge of the dagger, etc. 

Remember, the goal is a patch that shows simple action and movement of the upward palm strike and the second is of the plunging dagger strike. I don't care about the knee to the groin - I don't teach that technique.


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  1. With like one year under my newly minted green belt in the 7th grade I cam in contact with a weasel who wanted to cause me some discomfort. You get taught the high kick lesson but one time. My teaching method involved a surface which didn't support the movement that well lol and I found myself looking up as my adversary shoved my foot higher and I fell on my ass. It all worked out ok but I never ever did that shit again.


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