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Friday, October 31, 2014

Anders Lassen: "Landed. Killed Germans. Fucked Off."

"Landed.  Killed Germans.  Fucked Off."

That was how this Commando often wrote up his reports to HQ.  WiscoDave sent me the link about Lassen and his Team, who were tasked by Churchill to engage the enemy unconventionally.  Dave knows that I am convinced the only way Rightful Liberty can be restored in America is to follow the lead of Bill Donovan and men like Major Lassen.  First we must stand up.  Then the Enemies of Liberty will insist upon a fight.  When that fight is forced upon you, OSS & SOE should be the blueprint you follow.  Specifically - Jedburgh.

Here's the link.  Thanks, Dave!



  1. From the Jedburgh link:

    "But the FFI (Force Française d'Interior, or Maquis) by themselves were disorganized, politically fractured, and poorly supplied."

    Describes the III to a *T* - at least as it relates to the WRSA comments sections on any subject. If that's any indication we can expect III to whack other III or hand them to Sauron simply for ideological reasons, i.e. wrong flavor of christian, supports Hamilton over Jefferson, and on and on and on. Heckuva way to fight a war, but better to know it going in - it reduces the shocked look on one's face...


    1. Do a little study on the South Carolina back country during the Revolution. Yeah, you talk to them in civil tones for a period of time. You might even beg. But at a point that comes to an end. Then you lay waste to the bastards. You take or burn everything they have. You turn their women and children out into the night with nothing but the clothes on their back. You drive them from the country.

      We've been here before.

  2. There is a book titled Operation Jedburgh that was published in 2006-7. One major operational difference is that the Jedburgh teams were supplied guns, ammo and explosives by airdrop as the Allies had total air supremacy. Any future patriot underground will find the situation reversed and should plan accordingly.


    1. Absolutely right - today's Jedburgh Teams will have to appropriate their own gear. But I really like the 3-man Team format. Two officers who have combat experience and a NCO radio operator. Such teams could work with local militia units and make a real difference, helping keep locals focused on the big goals, helping network, and most importantly - having the balls to take the fight to the Enemies of Liberty.


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