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Friday, October 31, 2014

III Officer Corps

War Eagle

There is one facet about SHTF that we have discussed several times, that needs to be addressed again.

You are the Officer Corps for the III and the Liberty Movement.  You are all 'Leaders', whether you want to be or not, and whether your role will be behind a rifle or in the Auxiliary.  You are awake.  You have preps.  You have trained.  You have readied your mind and Soul for what is to come.  That puts you in a Leadership role by default.

Yes, there will be people who come to your stronghold thinking they will be allowed to move-in and share your comforts, food, medicines and live under the protection afforded by your weapons and mindset.  Most of these people you'll have to run off, because they bring little or nothing to the table.  However, there will be some people you want to let into your Tribe - physicians, dentists, engineers, etc.  Today you may have only a few allies in your Tribe.  Your ranks will swell quickly when SHTF, and you'll have pick of the litter.

As a Leader you need to have gear you can distribute, from rifles to band-aids.  Even if you are in the Auxiliary you should have the skills to sit down with a young man and teach him how to use his compass for land navigation, how to fieldstrip his 1911 or AR, work a radio, etc.

Wild Bill Donovan
Now you must look at yourself under a harsh light and through the lens of a genuine Leader - a Leader responsible for keeping your Tribe alive and healthy while pursuing Rightful Liberty.  You need to understand how to fight in small units.  You need to know how to fight in the woods and 'burbs and city.  You need to know how to work the Comms, how to run your Intel assets, how to use dead drops, target selection, psyops - all the skills of the Commando.  You do not need to be a Master of all these skills, but you must be familiar with them all.

Most importantly, you must know how to lead Men.  Tom at Defensive Training Group offers "Train the Trainer" courses along these lines.  These classes are imperative and essential.  Leading Men is as much art as science, with many intangibles involved.  And remember, a great percentage of III Patriots are Alpha Males, not quiet wallflowers who tremble in the face of authority.  They trust only when they see that you know your shit.  So you need the hard skills of the warfighter, the spy, the Auxiliary, as well as the skills to lead Men into Harm's Way who will fight for you and the men next to them.  And you need to be able to articulate why your people are fighting - what is the goal, define Rightful Liberty, how to achieve it, RoE, etc.

III Percent Society
Obviously, most people reading this post need more training.  And while time is short, there are outstanding Trainers available to you, especially if you are able to travel to the East Coast and upper NorthWest.  Running through a course offered by Max or J.C. once does not mean you are finished.  You should go through as many different courses as possible, and you should repeat courses as you are able to ensure the skills sink-in.

I have decided to launch a III Officer School in Idaho, built around my first offering - a CQB program called "Commando Combatives (TM)" that I will offer beginning in the Spring.  I'll offer two versions - one that will take a long weekend, and another that will take a full week.  I am even considering a summer program for kids and parents, the core of any Tribe. Whether you and your Team come for the weekend or take vacation time to train hard for a week, you'll add significantly to your unarmed skills as well as your transition skills.

In addition to CQB, we will be hosting a wide range of classes for III Leaders - from Combat Medical to Comms to stalking to night ops, and more.  We'll bring serious professional trainers to the Mountain to ensure you get the best possible training that you can take home and share with your team.  Whether you choose to camp on the Mountain or grab a motel room in town, you'll be in a beautiful part of the country, surrounded by fellow Patriots, learning skills that will be essential to recovering Liberty in your AO.

I'll share more details about the new training school over the coming months.  In the meantime, be sure to contact Max, J.C., Sparks, DTG, and do not forget WRSA - if you do not learn something new every single day from the work of Concerned American, you are not paying attention - for specialized, essential training.  Be sure to find a local martial arts school that can help you learn unarmed fighting skills and build your PT.

Securing Rightful Liberty rests on your shoulders, perhaps more than you know.

If you and I don't do the work, it won't get done.

WWIII is upon us.  RevWarIII is upon us.

You and I do not fit into the plans of the Enemies of Liberty.

Train, Patriots.  Earn that III designation, ladies & gentlemen.

Pull your weight.  Stay the Mother Fucking Course.



  1. I want a week of training. Let's get it scheduled.

  2. I look forward to having you visit, Chuck!


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