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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fire Team? Platoon? Company?

How many people do you have, right now, who would fall out and muster on the X if you called them out to fight?  A real fight - meeting on the Green with no promise of ever making it home again.

Are you alone?

2-3 guys/gals?


8 or more?

The number of people you have upon which you can trust will determine your operating parameters.  Your numbers will define what Ops you can undertake, and what Ops are a bridge too far.

The poll is at right.  Please only count the people in your AO you KNOW will show up when you call.

A Fire & Maneuver Team is 2 people.

A Fire Team is 4 people.

A Platoon is 15-30 people.

A Company is 80-150 Men


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