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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Course Adjustment: III

Contemplation is complete - though never stagnate.

Talk is cheap.  We've been talking for years.  And we've lost ground.  Every single year I have been alive, Liberty has lost ground.  I have more years behind me than ahead - so, what the fuck...

This part of the III is about to go hard.

"This part of the III..." means me - I speak for no one but me. 

If you choose to walk in the same direction, and you aren't a douche, welcome.

If you are a douche (liar, phony, game-player, you get the idea) stay where you belong - outside of my sphere. 

For those of you who have taken or watched my CQB Fight to your Weapon class, it is important to understand that every technique we trained was defense.

It's time for offense.  Online and...not.

So if you offend easily, perhaps you should not return here.  And if you offend easily, I caution you to give me wide berth.  I will never warn again.  This is it.

My life remains far more busy than I like, so I may not post routinely.  Things will only get worse when we finally hit Idaho.  I encourage some of you harder Patriots to consider coming for a visit, and train at the studio - we'll teach some offense.

Fair warning to III Patriots who choose to walk near me - Harm's Way will be encountered.

More in coming days...



  1. Victory is Liberty...What are we waiting for...

  2. When I get back, if I get back, I will take some time to visit.

  3. I pray God's Discernment, Guidance and Protection for you.

  4. God bless you. Victory is in the first step forward.

  5. You look back through history and you see men who were TrailBlazers. They had the drive and desire to head to the next horizon, no matter who came or followed and no matter where it led them. We are at that point here. You K are such a man. Set the Trail K and set it BOLD and WIDE and liberty minded people will follow after


  6. Ok, this one needed some time to think through and make sure I can follow through. The family is about as set as can be, I don't give a rats ass about my 'job', so if it's about time to go see the elephant then I'll walk with you.
    I think I understand the level of commitment, and be advised that I have no intention of ever living in a cage, so surrender is out. I wish there was more time to train - but that will always be a wish.
    Let me know when it's time and I'll head your way.

    1. "...and be advised that I have no intention of ever living in a cage,"

      Nice. That's the whole thing I think. One decision, and everything else follows.


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