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Thursday, October 30, 2014

III Chaplain Corps: Update on Houston

The III is very fortunate that we have Prepping Preacher in our ranks, and that he is willing to take point on the spiritual perspective.  He has an update regarding the Houston Mayor who issued subpoenas to local clergy for their sermons.

As noted in the post, the Enemies of Liberty are backing off this round.  But they will be back. 

They will never stop, until they are forced to stop.

They will never comprehend Rightful Liberty.  They will never respect it.

Here's the link.

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  1. Subpoenas withdrawn? Personally I'm scoring it 3 for 3...Bundy, Cantor and this. Of course, lots of people score me as nearly lunatic. Probably nobody will consider it a War until they see their own blood flowing in the streets.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't "Prepping Preacher" and Paul Lemmen the same entity? This Paul Lemmen that Ann Barnhardt called (paraphrasing) a scam artist and fraud, specifically trying to insinuate himself within the III?

    I voiced concern over this to one of the 3PSOA senior advisers, who confirmed Ann's claim, and said you'd be working to publicly distance the 3PSOA and Lemmen. Admittedly, I've not read everything you've written since then, but have yet to see any such distancing.

    Is Lemmen and PP the same person/thing, or not?

    Has there been a public denouncement that I missed, and just as important, some distinction between PL's & PP's personas?

    Some clarity would be in order, and much appreciated.

    1. No, Prepping Preacher is not Paul Lemmen.


  3. I am not Paul Lemmen. Never was, ain't now and likely won't be. If one would take time to examine what I have posted, it would be learned that he and I come from very different religious positions - positions which, under other circumstances, could cause friction between us. But as I've stated both plainly and by inference, religious distinctions take second seat to the pursuit of Rightful Liberty. I am, as he was and likely still is, 100% behind every individual's right to live his own life - even when it comes to religious difference to mine.

    In addition, K, Alan, and a couple guys from WRSA have met my wife and I - at King's Mountain and in DC a lil over a year ago when the National Memorials were liberated. They can therefore vouch for my superior looks over those of PL(sarc. off).

    Any further information, questions, accusations and judgements email me and I'll be happy to arrange a mutually satisfactory venue to disspell any lingering concerns as to my identity.

    No offense taken on my part for the concern.

    PP Chaplain IIIPSA


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