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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is Your Analysis Dynamic or Static?

Static Analysis: You take a swing at my head and assume you will hit me.

Dynamic Analysis: You factor-in that I may duck.

Two stories that provide insight to a piece of our future:

Nearly 25% of the physicians in America have opted-out of ObamaCare.

An 'extraordinary number" of medical staff at Bellevue Hospital called in sick when Dr. Ebola (Craig Spencer) arrived for treatment.

The Ebola Cluster Foxtrot in America may be nothing more than an Administration seeking to do what it has done since coming to DC - destroy America.  They did not get the ObamaCare they wanted in the first term - single payer.  The Ebola Sparklie only needs a few dozen cases in America before our medical care infrastructure grinds to a halt.  That would provide an opening for .Gov to declare an Emergency and impose the ObamaCare system they wanted in the first place.

The people in this Administration have done more damage to America than all previous Administrations combined, in my opinion (except for Lincoln.)  They promised to transform America.  They are making good on that promise.  It should be an easy mental exercise to accept that the Ebola Sparklie is simply the Admin doing what the Admin does.

Haters gotta hate.  Tyrants gotta tyrant.

We shall see.



  1. "Haters gotta hate. Tyrants gotta tyrant."

    They do, but............. news & link on Chaplain page

  2. I wan't my country back for my children's sake. I pray that if God will's it, I will give my life for it to happen. The evil that possesses this country is profound and it will not be a smooth ride. Please God, give these patriots the strength and courage to do what must be done in the difficult times ahead.


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